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Monday, November 17, 2008

Tapping Your Cell Phone by Bob Segall

Over the last few years you've probably been exposed to a great deal of information on the topic of mobile banking security, but the implications of what you're about to see are staggering.

You can read the story Tapping Your Cell Phone by Bob Segall but I'd recommend that you watch the YouTube video to fully appreciate what's at stake.

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Anonymous said...


Interesting. However, the product highlighted in the youtube video and others like it do not "listen" in on "data" traffic. Currently the only data that this software captures is sms/text traffic. Other products similar to the one listed include:

Some of the above appear better than others on gathering information nefariously. Eventually we will see "key-logging" software on the handheld devices.

Which brings up an important point - never assume that the software that comes with your phone is friendly software. Same thing was said about buy a computer from Dell. It came with a whole bunch of extra software - some good, some not so good.

It would be good for the mobile banking industry to put together a "what to look for list" for those that believe that our phones may be exposed to spyware on the phones. It would also be very prudent for consumers to know and understand that when they do download applications to their phones that they can trust the source of that software provider.