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Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 is the tipping point year of mobile malware: RSA chief Art Coviello

"RSA executive chairman Art Coviello sees 2014 as the tipping point year of mobile malware, as businesses continue to provide greater mobile access to critical business applications and sensitive data, and consumers increasingly adopt mobile banking.

Amidst this backdrop, “it is easy to see that mobile malware will rapidly grow in sophistication and ubiquity in 2014,” says Coviello as he releases his top security predictions for the upcoming year." Continue Reading

Corporate Mobile Banking? Not So Fast

"The treasury services space continues to become more competitive as banks strive to develop profitable services and offerings that can help them differentiate. But as they seek to strengthen relationships with corporate customers, they should bear in mind that these clients are not reflexively investing in "the next big thing."

They are interested in support for commercial cards activities, as well as solutions that enhance security and self-service capabilities. But mobile corporate banking? Maybe not so much." Continue Reading

Javelin Announces 2013 Mobile Banking Vendor Award Winners

"The results of Javelin Strategy Research's annual Mobile Banking Vendor Scorecard show that FIS, Monitise and Fiserv are outperforming all competitors with mobile banking solutions. Javelin's fourth annual Mobile Banking Vendor Scorecard evaluates vendors' solutions--standard out-of-the-box and customizable--to assess critical categories of features and functionality that will drive mobile banking adoption among consumers." Continue Reading

Monitise launches white paper on next-generation mobile banking

"Global Mobile Money specialist Monitise has released recently a ‘Pathway Paper’ on where the next generation mobile banking opportunity lies in 2014 and the key considerations for banks when developing their mobile strategies.

Entitled: ‘Innovate to win: From mobile banking to Mobile Money’, the Paper explores how innovations in mobile can support banks in becoming a lifestyle enabler, transforming their customer relationships. Techniques and technologies covered include customer segmentation, contextual interactions powered by data analytics, m-commerce and improved user experiences." Continue Reading

For Millenials, Banking is a Multi-Channel Affair: TD Bank Checking Experience

"It isn’t hard to run into any number of news articles or editorials announcing millenials as the tech generation: they follow each new advancement, buy the most recent products and drive services away from the physical and towards the digital. A new TD Bank study that examined American’s banking behaviors related to their checking accounts both confirms this notion and complicates it." Continue Reading

Mobile Design Patterns: Push, Don’t Pull (Part 1)

"Designers of enterprise mobile apps have the opportunity and responsibility to think differently about application design, particularly when compared to their traditional web application counterparts. Few examples illustrate this better than the debate over push versus pull.

Should we wait for users to request, or “pull,” the content they need, or should we “push” content updates when we think that users need them?" Continue Reading

Bank execs express many concerns about emerging payments

"What worries financial institution executives most about providing mobile payments to their customers? That’s a question Vantiv asked a score of bank leaders in a series of interviews. The answer in a nutshell:" Continue Reading

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ongoing, "fit-to-win" mobile strategy needed to succeed

"Consumers expect increasingly sophisticated mobile banking capabilities, and delivering these capabilities requires financial institutions to move beyond short-term tactical thinking in favor of a continuous commitment to the channel. In short, mobile banking should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint, according to research by Fiserv Inc." Continue Reading

2013: Year of the Mobile Must Have and Have Not

"Call 2013 the breakthrough year where, suddenly, a mobile banking feature leaped into must- have status, as another feature – once much hyped – continued to fail to win significant adoption. As for the must have, the name is awkward, but in 2013 mobile remote deposit capture emerged as an essential as credit unions raced to add it to their mobile menu, said Doug Brown, a senior vice president at financial tech giant FIS." Continue Reading

Omnichannel key to NCR deals

"When NCR Corp. agreed to purchase Digital Insight Corp. for $1.65 billion, and also acquired Alaric Systems Limited for approximately $84 million, it was taking the latest steps in the transformation of its business. NCR, of course, is a company well acquainted with transformations having shifted decades ago away from its legacy cash register business." Continue Reading

Bank of America's Plan to Invade Your Smartphone

"Just this week, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan said, 'If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you have a bank in your pocket.' While that may sound a touch terrifying, it is a good thing for both consumers and the biggest banks." Continue Reading

9 Strategies for Building a Great Mobile Banking App

"There is no doubt that strategies around mobile banking are in the top five priorities for any financial institution. Even with this focus, many bankers have a difficult time making the paradigm shift that is required to build a great mobile banking application.

As a result, I asked Scott Bales, who is currently working on a new book entitled 'Mobile Ready' to share his thoughts on the keys to mobile app development success." Continue Reading

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Will smart devices become "geniuses"?

"Smartphones will soon be able to predict a consumer’s next move or next purchase, according to Gartner, Inc. research that should be of interest to any financial institution focused on mobile banking and payments. This insight will be performed based on an individual’s data gathered using cognizant computing—the next step in personal cloud computing." Continue Reading

User Experience Top Priority, Says Bank of the West's Krogstad

"Simplifying mobile banking is top of mind for Bank of the West's head of mobile, Mathieu Krogstad.'To focus on experience and design…is absolutely key,' Krogstad says. The San Francisco bank revealed some ways it aims to improve ease of use with its newly updated apps." Continue Reading

7 Ways Financial Marketers Can Boost Mobile Banking Adoption Rates

"'If you build it, they will come.' This line from Field of Dreams may have worked for Kevin Costner, but in real life it’s usually the exact opposite. It certainly isn’t the case when trying to increase adoption and usage of mobile banking services." Continue Reading

5 Bold Mobile Banking Predictions for 2014 From Mitek

"Mitek Systems has seen incredible customer and revenue growth this year, and the company expects this growth to accelerate during 2014. Mitek is the leading developer of smartphone camera-based mobile banking applications designed to make it easy for consumers to use mobile banking applications with as little data entry as possible.

The company this year added to its Mobile Deposit application by rolling out Mobile Photo Billpay, which was adopted by U.S. Bancorp's (USB_) main subsidiary U.S. Bank, NA in March." Continue Reading

Banno Adds Director of Product Strategy, Derik Sutton

"Banno (@BannoHQ) a provider of data-enriched Web and transaction marketing services for financial institutions, has introduced Derik Sutton as director of product strategy. His rich core banking experience will help Banno realize the full potential of its products in emerging markets.

Reporting directly to Ben Metz, Banno’s CTO, Sutton’s focus will span channel integration, consumer experience and data analytics." Continue Reading

Friday, December 20, 2013

Websites that adapt on the fly

"The days of online banking being limited to desktop computers are over. Modern consumers are increasingly interacting with their banks using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Understanding the popularity and value of on-the-go banking services, a handful of financial companies are beginning to introduce websites with “responsive design” to optimize their digital resources across the online and mobile channels." Continue Reading

Research Shows 8 out of 10 Mobile Banking Apps Contain Security Weaknesses

"Praetorian, a leading information security provider, today released a study that explores challenges faced by today's megabanks, regional banks, and credit unions whilebuilding and maintaining secure mobile banking apps. Praetorian has identified build and configuration weaknesses in the overwhelming majority of mobile banking apps available on the App Store and Google Marketplace.

While cursory, the results of the analysis indicate a need for continued improvement in mobile application security as the critical underpinnings of society become increasingly dependent on mobile technology." Continue Reading

Mitek and Kony Collaborate to Deliver Mobile Photo Bill Pay With Mitek MiSnap(TM), Automatic Image Capture

"Mitek, the leading innovator of mobile imaging for financial transactions, and Kony, Inc., a leading enterprise mobility company, today announced a collaborative agreement to deliver Mitek's Mobile Photo Bill Pay solution.

The agreement includes Mitek MiSnap™, a touch-free mobile capture experience that provides real-time feedback to users until a suitable image is detected, and then automatically captures the image." Continue Reading

5 Innovative Ideas for Mobile Banking Log-Ins

"Birthdays. Pet names. No matter how often banks preach the importance of online security, some consumers still insist on using passwords that are as easy to hack as they are to remember. With mobile apps, fraud risk is often accompanied by frustration among users who are forever fat-fingering data on tiny alpha-numeric keyboards. Following are five ways that banks are aiming to make the mobile log-in experience safer and more user-friendly." Continue Reading

Global Mobile Payment Methods 2013

"Hamburg-based secondary market research company yStats.com has released a new report titled "Global Mobile Payment Methods 2013". The report indicates that the practice of using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in online as well as traditional retail commerce continues to see growing acceptance around the world." Continue Reading

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Voice-based passwords are next for U.S. Bank's mobile push

"U.S. Bank bet big on mobile banking in recent years and plans to up the ante in 2014 with features like voice-based passwords. The Minneapolis-based financial institution is testing technology that will allow customers to access their mobile account by speaking a phrase rather than typing in a password, said Dominic Venturo, the bank's chief innovation officer for payments." Continue Reading

Hackers target banking apps on Apple and Google platforms

"We act as if are phones and tablets are safe. They’re not. According to security company Arxan Technologies, all of the top 100 paid Android apps have been hacked. (Yes, all, as in 100 percent.) Apple’s doing better, with only 56 percent of their top paid iOS apps hacked." Continue Reading

Weak Security In Most Mobile Banking Apps

"Most mobile banking apps -- including those of major financial institutions -- contain configuration and design weaknesses that leave them with weakened security.Security experts this month tested 275 Apple iOS- and Android-based mobile banking apps from 50 major financial institutions, 50 large regional banks, and 50 large U.S. credit unions.

Overall, they found that eight out of 10 apps were improperly configured and not built using best practices software development." Continue Reading

Report: Financial malware targeting Android users, defeats SMS authentication

"'Do not rely on SMS based authentication; it has been thoroughly compromised,' warns NSS Labs in a new report. Titled "View from the Precipice: Mobile Financial Malware," the report outlines how the popularity of mobile banking has led cybercriminals to target this group of users.

As a result, specialized malware now exists that specifically targets smartphones to steal the requisite two-factor passcodes that banks deliver by means of text messages." Continue Reading

Mobile banks gain traction with young customers

"Mobile banks are growing in popularity with young people who are worried about paying fees on traditional banking, according to The New York Times. While mobile banking isn't new, younger people with tighter budgets do not want to pay traditional monthly fees, overdraft frees or have a minimum balance requirement." Continue Reading

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Electronic payments are paying off for Mexico

"Advocates of electronic payments – everything from direct deposits to mobile banking – have argued that moving away from cash and checking for disbursing payrolls and even social welfare payments will produce much-needed cost savings to companies and governments by reducing paperwork, costly bank transfers and other inefficiencies. Turns out the pro-digital crowd is right, to the tune of billions of dollars." Continue Reading

SunTrust Launches New Tablet App for iPad, Offers Clients Twice-a-Day Chance to Win a New Tablet

"SunTrust Banks, Inc. STI +1.20% announced today that it is giving away two tablets every day from now through the end of January to promote the use of Online Banking and Mobile Banking, including the new SunTrust Tablet App for iPad.

These digital tools will allow consumers the flexibility they're seeking by giving them access to SunTrust banking solutions whenever and wherever they choose." Continue Reading

Are Branches Doomed By Mobile Banking?

"Many banks and credit unions are winding down branch network size and downsizing existing branches while expanding digital service channels to support customers. This makes sense: Nearly three-quarters of bank shoppers believe they’ll do all their banking virtually in the future." Continue Reading

Changing the balance

"In what is undoubtedly a positive move for consumer safety, the European Central Bank has issued a set of draft recommendations for mobile banking and payments security. However, while agreed standards in an industry that suffered £40m in online fraud losses last year can only be seen as a good thing, mobile banking doesn’t just need to be robust; it needs to be user-friendly.

Security and usability however, can prove a tricky match. So, what can banks do to ensure they strike the right balance?" Continue Reading

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Huntington making mortgages easier for mobile and online customers

"Huntington National Bank has moved its mortgage banking division within its technology and operations group, rather than its wealth group, to make mortgage products and services more accessible.

The bank will roll out new mortgage origination software next year as well, making applying for mortgages faster and easier for customers online, as well as for bankers assisting in person, spokeswoman Maureen Brown told me." Continue Reading

CTIA-The Wireless Association' Looks at the Mobile Wallet & How to Secure Your Information

"Connecting to banking information and credit cards through wireless devices allows consumers to access their financial information and make payments quickly and easily. While it's convenient for users, it's also alluring for thieves to steal personal information from your mobile devices.

That's why CTIA-The Wireless Association(R) looks at the benefits and how consumers can secure their data in this month's Wonder of Wireless and blog." Continue Reading

Can mobile banking drive revenue?

"For the first time since its inception, mobile banking outranked telephones and snail mail in popularity, according to an annual ABA survey. Of all the methods of banking, 8 percent of customers most frequently bank with mobile devices--a 30 percent increase from 2012--compared to 7 percent each using telephone and mail services." Continue Reading

NCR makes “fundamental” changes to financial services business

"NCR is to pay $1.65 billion for Digital Insight Corporation, a Californian on-line and mobile banking solutions provider primarily focussed on mid-market retail banking. It has also bought UK-based fraud prevention company Alaric Systems for $84 million." Continue Reading

SA mobile users shift from voice to data

"South African mobile phone networks are seeing call revenues declining for the first time in their histories as the younger generation leads the consumer charge into a "new data economy", according to a new study from research company World Wide Worx." Continue Reading

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Security and BYOD policy management key barriers to corporate mobile banking

"Corporate treasurers cite security challenges and bring-your-own-device business policies as the key obstacles to wider uptake of mobile banking platforms for treasury activities. Of 135 finance and treasury professionals collared by Capital One at the annual Association for Finance Professionals (AFP) gathering, barely one-in-three used a corporate mobile banking platform." Continue Reading

Mobile Banking -- Take Two

"Banks are in a second, or perhaps third, generation of mobile banking. First efforts added mobile access to existing online banking, but that meant banks were not going to attract the mobile-only user, and they were missing some of the advanced capabilities of mobile, such as remote check deposit and using QR or visible bar codes." Continue Reading

Half of All Consumers Feel Undervalued by Their Bank

"Almost half of consumers in the US, Great Britain, Germany and France feel their bank does not value them as a customer, according to research from Ipsos MORI commissioned by GMC Software Technology. The research of 4,032 consumers across the four countries looked at what consumers really think about their banks’ customer experience and how they are valued." Continue Reading

Consumer: Mobile banking fees likely here to stay

"More Americans are turning to mobile banking as they see it as faster, more convenient and (for the time being) free, said Bill Hardekopf , CEO of LowCards.com . Customers can now manage their accounts directly from smart phones for either deposits or transfers. But what will happen when they discover this convenience is no longer free?" Continue Reading

Bank of Africa, Safaricom roll out M-Chama mobile banking

"The Bank of Africa (BOA) Kenya, in partnership with Safaricom, has rolled out a mobile banking service for investment groups, allowing members to use their mobile devices to carry out money transactions. The new product by the bank is dubbed M-Chama and will seek to take advantage of the wide reach mobile phones have in the country to improve access to financial services for savings groups." Continue Reading

Monday, December 9, 2013

Mobile Banking Late Bloomer First Niagara Sees Quick Adoption

"First Niagara was a latecomer to mobile banking, but the upstate New York bank seems to making up for lost time with quick customer adoption. More than 25 percent of the bank's online banking customers signed up for mobile banking within six months of the service's launch in late January, surpassing the bank's initial year-long adoption estimates." Continue Reading

Study: Online Banking and Mobile Apps Do Not Reduce Importance of the Branch Network

"CFI Group, a global leader in providing customer feedback insights through analytics, released its inaugural Bank Satisfaction Barometer (BSB) today, finding that the number one reason consumers choose their banking institution is access to a convenient branch location. A recommendation from friends comes in as the second reason at 21 percent, while web and mobile banking capabilities come in dead last at two percent." Continue Reading

New CEO will help prepare Royal Bank for future, as divisions feel the pressure

"As Dave McKay prepares to take over the helm at Royal Bank next summer, he will be looking to ready the country's largest bank for the future, particularly in the area of mobile banking." Continue Reading

“All Things Must Pass”*

"As I mentioned in my previous blog, the 25th Annual ABA/ABA Money Laundering Enforcement Conference did some “lookbacks” at what had occurred and still resonated for the AML community. It should be noted, though, that there were plenty of forward-looking sessions." Continue Reading

Mobile Banks Gaining Popularity With Young Consumers

"TURIYA GOETZE, a 23-year-old teaching assistant in Kansas City, Kan., found herself looking for a new bank this summer. Her student checking account at a large national bank had expired, and she was worried about paying lots of fees on a traditional account." Continue Reading

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Google Glass Half-Empty for Wells Fargo Beta Testers

"A mobile banking application created by Wells Fargo Co. for Google Inc.’s wearable Google Glass computing device isn’t gaining much traction among internal testers, according to Miranda Hill, vice president and product management manager for Wells Fargo Labs. The app is part of the bank’s efforts to focus on applications for mobile devices." Continue Reading

Money: Black Monday ... the day cash stopped working: Banking: In the wake of the RBS/NatWest meltdown, will customers be compensated? asks Hilary Osborne

"Troubled bank RBS suffered a computer glitch earlier this week, leaving customers unable to use their debit cards or log on to internet or mobile banking. The problems happened on what was expected to be the busiest online shopping day in the run-up to Christmas, dubbed Cyber Monday." Continue Reading

Payment via mobile phones gains ground in Latin America

"The new “Latin America Online Payment Methods 2013 – Second Half 2013“ by Hamburg-based secondary market research company yStats.com indicates that online payment continues its growth in the emerging markets of this dynamic region." Continue Reading

Family Bank launches PESAMOB virtual bank

"Primarily targeting to foster financial inclusivity to more than 5 million small and medium traders alongside unbanked mobile subscribers, the new PESAMOB virtual bank is expected to revolutionalise the local banking sector by bridging conventional banking barriers." Continue Reading

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Commercial Bank's Mobile Banking app is Qatar's number one financial app

"Since the launch of its new Mobile Banking app last month, customers were quick to embrace the improved digital banking experience and its cutting edge design with approaching 40,000 downloads to date.

The new app offers convenient everyday banking solutions to support day-to-day transactions online including local and international money transfers, Ooredoo and Kahramaa bill payments as well as credit card payments." Continue Reading

4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Mobile Development Platform

"Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with end-users, whether the end-user is a customer, employee, business partner, or even a service or smart device like an IP-enabled refrigerator, thermostat, or car.

In order to rapidly innovate and remain competitive in a mobile society, an organization must have a comprehensive mobile app development platform. Here are four reasons:" Continue Reading

Community Banking Executives Optimistic About Growth Prospects Despite Regulatory and Economic Environment: KPMG Survey

"In the 2013 KPMG Community Banking Outlook Survey, 85 percent of respondents said their bank's revenue will increase a year from now. Fifteen percent expect revenue to increase 11 to 20 percent, while 70 percent expect it to increase 1 to 10 percent.

Regulatory and legislative pressures were deemed by 42 percent of respondents as the most significant barrier to growth over the next year, down from 47 percent in last year's survey." Continue Reading

Pacific central banks win praise for their approach to mobile banking

"Branchless banking in the Pacific is allowing thousands of people to have a bank account for the first time. Experts say the Pacific is leading the world in its approach to mobile banking, with many people now able to get access to a bank account for the first time." Continue Reading

The Human Toll of Digital Banking

"Last week, Barclays announced the layoffs of 1,700 branch employees and blamed the rise of mobile banking. Cashiers, personal bankers, operations specialists, branch managers and assistant managers will all lose their jobs throughout 2014, the U.K. bank said." Continue Reading

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How your bank could look in five years' time

"Intelligent machines could replace human bank staff in high street branches within five years, the Telegraph has learnt. Several major banks are understood to be in talks to introduce "express" branches, which would be similar to self-service checkouts in supermarkets. These smaller outlets would be almost completely devoid of human interaction." Continue Reading

Mobile banking and content of text messages ranked ahead of app and internet usage as top mobile data privacy concerns for UK smartphone owners

"New research shows that when it comes to attitudes to mobile data privacy, smartphone owners in the UK are most concerned about companies having access to banking activities and content of texts and emails, while data collected around apps and web surfing on mobiles is of least concern.

The findings come from a report published by the Internet Advertising Bureau ( IAB) UK , supported by Weve." Continue Reading

Malware stealing Chinese mobile banking data

"A Trojan virus in China is striking mobile phone users by intercepting inbound messages and lifting sensitive financial data, according to a story by Want China Times. In particular the malware is impacting third-party payment accounts." Continue Reading

Ally Adds Popmoney, Recurring Funds Transfers to its Mobile App

"Utah-based Ally Bank has expanded its use of Fiserv's Popmoney person-to-person payments service. It now lets consumers send and receive funds from within the bank's mobile banking app. Ally Bank, the direct banking unit of Ally Financial Inc., has offered Popmoney since 2011." Continue Reading

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Zimbabwe: Telecoms and Banks lock horns over mobile banking

"The Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (BAZ) and the country's mobile telecommunication firms offering mobile banking services are headed for a clash as bankers say there is no legal framework regulating the practice. BAZ urgues that doing so is tantamount to 'opening up the sector to unacceptable practices' and the services should be stopped." Continue Reading

Globetrotting Mobile Banking Trojans Show Off Their Tricks

"There’s no doubting it. Mobile threats around the globe are evolving. Korea was recently targeted by an Android trojan masquerading as the Google Play app that overwrites legitimate banking apps with malicious fakes poised to steal the user’s banking credentials.

Over in Spain, an Android trojan has stepped in, trying to pass itself off as an official mobile app from the Spanish bank, Banca March." Continue Reading

This One Stat Will Convince You Mobile Banking Matters

"In case there was any question, recent research confirms mobile isn't going anywhere anytime soon: By 2017, smartphones are predicted to account for a whopping 82 percent of the cell phone market, up from the 50 percent today.

For banks and FIs, this growing smartphone user base means consumers are going to increasingly expect not only mobile banking services, but mobile banking services that go the extra mile, offering features and functionality that enable them to navigate their financial lives with the same ease as their smartphone itself." Continue Reading

ANZ developing voice recognition for mobile banking

"ANZ Bank plans to use voice recognition technology when authorising large cash transfers to external accounts via mobile banking, a move it says will enhance security.

Under the plan, which is still being tested, mobile banking customers would no longer be prevented from ‘‘paying anyone’’ $1000 or more through the bank’s smart phone application." Continue Reading

Monday, December 2, 2013

Innovative mobile payments technology once again comes from Africa

"A lot has been said about creating innovative strategies for targeting unbanked citizens in Africa using mobile phones. But what about the banked? How can mobile phones reduce the costs and hassle of payments and transactions for businesses and consumers with bank accounts?

One company that believes it has an innovation that will change the way we shop and make payments is Oltio, a South African-based mobile banking, transactions and payments solution company that rolled out MTN Mobile Money in Africa." Continue Reading

To Succeed in Mobile Banking, Avoid Either/Or Mindset

"Conversations about banking bring to mind William Faulkner's famously complex run-on sentences: "It's not this … or this … but that … and this."

While such wordplay is frustrating to those who prefer their banking simpler than their literature, it's sometimes necessary in a world where technology changes rapidly but old habits die hard." Continue Reading

IND Group introduces new mobile banking app Essence

"IND Group has launched its state-of-the-art, revolutionary mobile banking app, Essence. Focusing on the most frequent mobile banking activities - balance enquiry, transaction history and money transfer - Essence enables fast and easy transactions via mobile anytime, anywhere." Continue Reading

Research and Markets: Global M-Banking Market 2012-2016: Challenges Explained

"The analysts forecast the Global Mobile Banking market to grow at a CAGR of 22.47 percent over the period 2012-2016. Mobile phones have become an integral part of people's life. Most of their behavioral aspects and needs can be mapped with the help of their mobile related activities." Continue Reading

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mobile Internet in SA 2014: Time of the App

"The Mobility 2014 research study, conducted by World Wide Worx with the backing of First National Bank, has shown that a growing number of South Africans are making use of mobile apps - in particular messaging apps like WhatsApp.

The app has become the single most significant tool driving the mobile economy in South Africa. The use of apps on phones has shot up from 24% of adult cellphone users in cities and towns in mid-2012 to 43% in late 2013." Continue Reading

Mobile banking success requires marathon mindset, says Fiserv

"Consumers are expecting increasingly sophisticated mobile banking capabilities, and delivering these capabilities requires financial institutions to move beyond short-term tactical thinking in favor of a continuous commitment to the channel. In short, mobile banking should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint, says a recent report published by Fiserv." Continue Reading

The companies are bringing their experience and technology together to target several new markets.

"HP has now announced that it is taking greater steps into the mobile payments and banking industry, through its latest partnership which includes a global agreement with Accumulate. This partnership is meant to considerably broaden the potential and capabilities of both companies." Continue Reading

Mobile Banking: Convenient, Efficient, Preferred

"As expected, mobile financial transactions are fast becoming ubiquitous. In fact, mobile banking has now hit Facebook. ING Canada has pioneered a system that allows customers to log into their bank accounts through the social network. Consumers can check balances, view pending transactions and get account updates." Continue Reading

Trai prescribes ceiling tariff at Rs 1.50 for USSD-based mobile banking services

"To facilitate mobile banking for financial inclusion, the telecom watchdog TRAI has prescribed ceiling tariff for use of USSD for USSD-based mobile banking service. It aims at establishing a framework to facilitate the agents of the banks to interface with the access service providers for use of SMS, USSD and IVR channels to provide mobile banking services.

TRAI has prescribed that ceiling tariff for an outgoing USSD-based mobile banking service shall be Rs 1.50 per USSD session." Continue Reading