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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 10

The text message is money
"Text messaging started as a popular way to send short notes; then photographs and video. Next — money. A report by Javelin Strategy & Research Inc. issued last month said that person-to-person, or P2P, mobile money transfers are on the rise and that financial institutions must step in or carriers will dominate the market. The report said 26 million consumers are 'likely or extremely likely' to use this service, up 24 percent from 2008."

Mobile Phones eroding the influence of Banks in Africa
"Mobile banking is likely to erode the influence of traditional banks in the long run. This is because many Tanzanians access mobile phones whose banking services are easily accessible compared with those of traditional banks where customers have to queue in halls for services. More than 30 per cent of Tanzanians own mobile phones while less than 10 per cent own bank accounts."

BBVA Compass Mobile Banking
"Compass Mobile – Banking When and Where You Want It! Free Mobile Banking for your iPhone and iPod touch.* Compass Mobile is a fast, easy and totally convenient way to manage your BBVA Compass accounts."

How tech is changing banks
"It wasn't long ago that bank customers judged the quality of their local financial institutions by the sturdiness of their columns and vault doors. That idea is a throwback to an era when money was physical, and so was security"

Google Voice for iPhone to Reemerge as Web App
"Last month, Google Voice’s iPhone application was rejected from the iPhone app store, a controversial move that the FCC is looking into. Now, it appears that Google (Google) may be working to circumvent Apple and AT&T, or at least seriously force their hand, by developing an iPhone optimized web application for Google Voice."

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