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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Starbucks and mFoundry Team Up

Drew Sievers and Bob Egan were discussing a BIG announcement on Twitter this morning. The news...mFoundry has build a mobile commerce application for Starbucks!

"Your decaf caramel macchiatos and no-whip pumpkin spice lattes are going mobile. In a double-shot launch (sorry), coffee giant Starbucks unveiled Tuesday its first two iPhone apps. The first one, called MyStarbucks, is a no-brainer: you can use the phone's GPS capability to find nearby stores (previously, this was available via text message), search ingredient and calorie information for Starbucks beverages and coffee bean varieties, and "build" virtual drinks to see what exactly would be in one if you ordered it.

But it's the second app, called Starbucks Card Mobile, that could be worth a double-take. The app allows for balance check and refilling of Starbucks gift cards, which the company has expanded into a customer loyalty program by offering discounts, free refills, and two hours of free Wi-Fi to cardholders. And in two experimental test markets, the Starbucks Card Mobile application can use a barcode to replace the plastic gift card altogether." >> Continue Reading

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