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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Jun 15

Mobile banking needs more sensible data plans
"The greatest competitive differentiation a mobile operator can give me today is an always on data plan across devices. Right now I have an iPhone, a Blackberry, an iPad and a Mac and I effectively have to manage different data plans for each device. This sucks. I also maintain a broadband connection at home, although I would abandon that gladly if my wireless data deal were better.

Not only does multi-device connectivity cost me more than I believe it should, but I actually have different plans with different providers for different devices. Some are monthly WiFi deals, others are mobile data deals that actually limit my downloads on a monthly basis, and others are pre-paid deals that I pick up when I am visiting other countries."

Citi Cards Introduces Citi Shopper for Mobile Users
"Citi Cards has announced a new location-based mobile application called Citi Shopper that delivers 'local offers and deals, compares prices, provides maps to nearby retailers, as well as reminds Citi cardmembers of offers and benefits specific to their Citi credit cards.' The application was built by GPShopper and is available on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and via browser."

JPMorgan Chase Hires Jack Stephenson to Expand Mobile and Internet Payments Services
"JPMorgan Chase today announced it has hired payments industry veteran Jack Stephenson as Director of Mobile, E-Commerce and Payments to expand how the firm serves clients from consumers to businesses.

Stephenson, who has been the Senior Vice President of Strategy, Partnerships, Analytics and New Ventures at PayPal, will lead the continuing evolution and implementation of a company-wide strategy for mobile devices and internet payments."

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