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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Sept 8

Salin Bank Launches New Website
"Family-owned and Indiana-based Salin Bank is excited to announce the launch of their newly re-designed website, www.salin.com. This new website embraces the “sailing” theme that reinforces the family-owned bank’s name – pronounced 'sail-in.'"

The Business Case for Mobile Banking
"Mobile phone usage is pervasive in both emerging and developed markets. As consumers shift more personal business to their mobile phones and smartphone ownership skyrockets, financial institutions and mobile operators should introduce a broad portfolio of new, cost-effective mobile services."

Wells Fargo Mobile Banking Adding Wachovia Customers
"By now, almost every big bank offers mobile banking of some kind. By text message, standard cell phone internet browser or smart phone application, many tech-forward consumers are checking balances, making transfers and setting up payments on the go, at the touch of a button (or touchscreen). Wells Fargo, which was one of the first banks to introduce mobile banking applications for smart phones such as iPhone and Android."

The Magnificent Future of Mobile Phones
"The modern day mobile phone, with its far-reaching coverage and millions of apps, is already an amazingly useful device. Yet innovators in the field of finance and health care want to give the cell phone a whole new set of jaw-dropping functions.

The new technologies will pit payment giants Visa and MasterCard against wireless carriers and start-ups in a race to create a platform that allows consumers to purchase goods, distribute money and manage accounts using only their smart phones. The stakes transcend the technology and strike at the heart of who will retain market dominance over $6.70 trillion in payment transactions."

The 49% Text Banking Gap
"Quick. What comes to mind when you envision mobile banking? I'm guessing most of you pictured a mobile website or shiny new app running on a recent iPhone, Blackberry, Android or other smartphone. And if mobile banking was used only by techies, that would be about right. But banking is used by just about everyone, and everyone still doesn't have a smartphone and Internet data plan."

Javelin finds mobile banking down. Why?
"A recent Javelin Strategy and Research study of over 5,000 respondents in the US found mobile banking usage down. The study has caused a lot of head scratching in the industry — myself included. The report compares this year’s survey to similar surveys in 2009, 2008, and 2007."

The Masterminds Behind Breeze Mobile Banking
"Currently, mobile banking is an incredible banking and financial solution that has focused primarily on the large banks, those that have large enough assets to weather even the toughest financial challenges. However, these banks also need to spend as much as 33% of profit into declining or stagnant markets in order to stay in business. However, the smaller banks are also in dire need of innovative solutions for their customers."

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