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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Dec 15

Nexus S and Gingerbread Phones to Get Full NFC Support Soon
"When Google revealed its newest version of the Android operating system this week, Android 2.3, code-named "Gingerbread," there was one slight disappointment: the highly anticipated NFC (near field communications) support was somewhat crippled. According to Google's own Android 2.3 User's Guide (PDF link), Gingerbread allows mobile phones with NFC chips to work as readers, but not as transmitters, the latter which would be a necessary component to any NFC-enabled mobile payments system."

Smart Phones Help Fight Bank Fraud
"A simple phone call or text message could have saved Mark Patterson nearly $350,000. The money was stolen from his company's bank account last year by cybercriminals based in Eastern Europe. Patterson discovered the fraud six days after it had begun, when the bank sent notice that a fraudulent $9,000 transfer to an account in California had failed to complete."

Charities Outraged Over iPhone App Donations Ban
"The New York Times has published an article about how several charities are outraged at the decision by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) to ban donations from within applications. Beth Kanter, the co-author of The Networked Nonprofit said that she is replacing her iPhone with an Android phone."

Samsung Unveils New NFC Chip
"It looks like Samsung Electronics is getting in on the NFC action recently stirred by the Isis joint venture between Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T. Samsung yesterday announced a new Near Field Communications (NFC) chip with embedded flash memory."

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