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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Mar 7

There's No Money in Mobile Banking
"First, read my thumbs. I don't text; I don't own an i-anything; nothing's attached to my ears; both hands are on the steering wheel; my cell phone still works for away-from-office calls; my laptop does everything I need to do; I don't need to be a mobile banking user; and most of all, I am one very happy camper. But I certainly don't represent the mainstream of bank user population."

Analyst: Banks Most Comfortable On iPhone
"Over the last year, Android has come to rival the market share of Apple's iOS operating system. But when it comes to offering financial services on mobile phones, banks have favored the iPhone over Android and other smartphone platforms. That's the view of Gartner analyst Avivah Litan, who focuses on financial fraud and authentication at the research firm."

Fifth Third Bank enhances mobile banking features to on-the-go consumers
"Fifth Third Bank is enhancing its mobile banking experience by providing customers with better access to their accounts, bill-paying capabilities and real-time personalized text alerts. The company partnered with ClairMail to use its mobile banking technology. Using the new technology, Fifth Third Bank will be able to connect to multiple financial systems and future-proof their mobile powered offerings."

Kenya: Mobile Banking And Security Risks
"Nairobi — Looking back, a prolific chief executive once mentioned that Kenyans have peculiar habits and second to their peculiar calling habits is the love of their cellphone handsets. The astute CEO read the Kenyan environment well and built a multi award winning innovation around this peculiar habit."

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