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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 10

"Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) is pleased to announce that Motorola Employees Credit Union (MECU) is now offering its members a full suite of mobile banking services, including Downloadable Apps for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, SMS Text Banking and a universal Mobile Browser App, through a partnership with CSCU and MShift, Inc."

Mobile banking cuts into bricks & mortar biz
"Many years ago, commercial and savings bank branches were built as architectural cathedrals. Most of these large bank locations have been closed and converted into catering halls and exhibition space. They include the former home of Citibank at 55 Wall Street, Greenwich Savings Bank on Broadway and 36th Street now known as Gotham Hall, Cipriani 42nd Street, formerly known as the Bowery Savings Bank, Capitale at 130 Bowery and the iconic Williamsburgh Savings Bank branch on Broadway in the Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn."

Phone-based banking: Dial 'M' for money
"There are almost 80 million smartphone subscribers in the United States. Banking applications make up 37% of all applications purchased for the Apple iPhone, Google Android and RIM Blackberry. And according to a study conducted by FIS Mobile Financial Solutions, about three out of four banking users are happy with their experience this year, a 16% gain from 2010.

'We are seeing mobile deployments by banks accelerating in 2011, with our clients growing mobile users by 35% monthly,' said Douglas Brown, senior vice president of FIS. 'The momentum is driven by unprecedented consumer demand.'"

Consumer tech grows bank customer 'stickiness'
"According to Pranav Seth, head of e-business at OCBC Bank, the bank's Internet and mobile banking initiatives were not driven internally. Rather, with the organization's emphasis on customer service, it had 'no choice but to enter these platforms', he noted in a phone interview with ZDNet Asia. 'Internet and mobile banking...have created a level of interactivity, or stickiness, with our customers that are not possible on other platforms,' he explained."

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