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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Dec 15

Mobile Banking: SMS, App, Web or All of the Above?
"When it comes to providing mobile banking to your members, the first question is: Should you do it? Looking at the increasing adoption rate of smartphones, and the number of competing banks and credit unions who provide their members with a mobile offering ... well, the answer is obvious. Mobile banking is a value-added feature that helps members bank from anywhere, and it's becoming more of a baseline expectation with members."

Telco: Mobile banking
"According a to survey by Aegon Magyarország of its the clients, only one-third of Hungarians use their mobile phones for banking. The share of those using mobiles for communication only is still high.

Only 30% of those queried have a subscription that allows both data and voice communication services, 46% have only voice-based communication subscriptions, while nearly one-quarter use a pre-paid phone card."

Mobile banking to trigger economic growth- Mkulo
"The mobile banking that started nearly three years ago has proved to be a catalyst to economic growth especially in rural areas, the minister has said.Using their mobile phones, consumers and communities take advantage of the mobile commerce innovations, which enable them to conduct a wider range of financial transactions conveniently."

BBK mobile banking is launched
"BBK has launched its new mobile banking service, keeping pace with the changing technology and continuing to be committed towards customer convenience and satisfaction. The new service, which will allow any retail banking transaction to be done instantly from a mobile phone anytime and anywhere with the highest level of security, is available to all customers for free. Customers will be able to perform almost all online banking services from their mobile phones."

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