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Thursday, March 22, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Mar 22

"Mobile technology company, The MoBank Group has been confirmed as a vendor for Google’s “Get Mobile” or GetMo initiative. GetMo is a Google-led initiative dedicated to helping UK businesses ‘Get Mobile’ by providing them with the tools and resources they need to make their websites more mobile friendly. It aims to make the integration onto mCommerce easy for businesses by providing them with recommended technology and expertise. As part of this, MoBank, as a supplier in the mCommerce space is confirmed as a vendor for Google’s newly launched GetMo initiative in the UK."

NAB upgrades mobile banking app
"The Bank says this is more secure than using an Internet banking password. The new versions also now allow customers to set future-dated bill payments and funds transfers, without having to log-on via a PC. According to NAB's executive general manager of direct banking, Sam Plowman: 'Mobile banking is NAB's fastest growing channel, with 300 percent growth in the last year and one in three NAB Internet banking logins are now done on a mobile device.'"

SBI to allow mobile banking without a/c
"Mumbai: State Bank of India has started a pilot project that would allow banking through mobile phones even if the customers do not have a bank account. The scheme, called ‘Mobicash’, had been introduced in New Delhi and Mumbai. The service, much like a mobile prepaid cards, allows money to be “loaded” on customer’s mobile that he can then spend. “We have launched the product on a pilot basis and will introduce them in more cities in a few week,” said Praveen Kumar Singh, assistant general manager, New Business, SBI."

Eko’s Mobile Banking: Demonstrating the Power of a Basic Payments Product
"Eko was the first company dedicated to a mobile phone-based basic savings account and payment service for the unbanked in India. Launched in 2007, Eko has carefully developed a mobile-based service usable on the most basic of handsets and continually revised and re-fashioned its approach. At first, Eko experimented with a basic deposit and payment service from one Eko account to another."

Go slow on mobile wallet
"Airtel Money’s latest advertisement is hard to miss. For the first time, the virtues of mobile banking are being conveyed to customers. Banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Bank of India, Corporation Bank and Standard Chartered are offering this service. However, not many know the manner of transacting or the kind of transactions that can be done using mobile phones and the charges involved."

"Globally,-Mobile-Banking,-or-mbanking,-has-emerged-as-a-commercially-viable-and-customer-friendly-alternate-distribution-channel-for-financial-services.-Generally,-mobile-banking-is-about-using-one's-mobile-handset-to-avail-financial-services,-which-include-banking-services-like-account-transactions-&-balance-inquiries,-and-other financial services like brokerage and stock market transactions."

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