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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - Mar 3

A More Mobile Future For Banking
"In some ways, mobile is like a religion in the banking industry. It even has evangelists, who spout off statistics like a preacher does Bible verses as they make their impassioned pleas for banks to prepare for a mobile future. But figuring out the right strategy is a complex proposition. There is forecasting involved, about where technology is going and what consumers might do. And there are goals to settle on. Can enough routine transactions be moved to mobile to justify closing branches? Can branches, free of the foot traffic from deposits and checks, be reoriented around sales to boost revenue? Can't we just wait on all this to see what happens?"

Top 10 Hispanic Mobile Banking Trends, Zpryme & ThinkNow Research Reports
"Based on a recent survey, Hispanic Mobile Banking Trends Study, by Zpryme and ThinkNow Research, nearly seven out of ten (69%) Hispanic mobile bank users consult their smart/cell phones to do mobile banking, with almost half (44%) visiting their primary bank’s Facebook page. More poignantly practically one-third (30%) said they would switch primary banks to get mobile banking services."

Mobile banking happening in places where smartphones are rarely found
"At a technology conference devoted to the slick and snappy, a small French company proudly displayed a chunky, antiquated Nokia cellphone that is allowing mobile banking to happen in places where smartphones are rarely found. It was a message heard often at the four-day Mobile World Congress this week. While companies in wealthy nations struggle to get customers to pay for products with sophisticated mobile gadgets, millions of people in poorer nations are adopting the practice with clunkier cellphones as an efficient, practical alternative to cash."

Bank Wars: The Battle For Internet Traffic And Mobile Banking
"Online banking has become an increasingly essential and competitive part of the financial landscape. Everything from mobile check deposits to online Twitter customer service support has transformed the banking industry, forcing firms to adapt to this changing environment. What is the best way to analyze who is winning this battle over Internet traffic and paving the way for growth?"

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