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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mobile Banking Consumer Awareness

Each week that passes reveals that mobile banking truly is becoming a phenomenon. A year ago I had to actively search for news, but this morning I was exposed to multiple messages about mobile banking while simply sitting at the breakfast table enjoying a cup of coffee.

The first message was a new Bank of America television commercial in support of their "Bank the way you live" campaign. The spot was aired during a commercial break of NBC's Today show and integrated well with their new microsite. I tried to locate the commercial on Bank of America's website and YouTube, but was not able to find a copy - my apologies.

The next message was literally seconds later when I turned the page of the Indianapolis Star and found an article titled "A buy and cell proposition." The article was written by Dan Fost of USA Today and states, "Instead of reaching for your wallet in the next few years, you'll be able to pull out your cell phone and wave it over a scanner to make a payment." The article also does a very nice job of handling the topic of security with quotes from Allen Weinberg of Glenbrook Partners stating, "It's relatively easy to make cell phones very secure devices...as good as or better than what you do with an ATM or at-home banking." Full story.

On a similar note, the touch phone market is beginning to crowd but with varying degrees of success. Peter Svensson of the associated press says that the HTC Touch handset, "is the worst phone I've tried in the last few years." Full Story.

A few pages later Verizon is now offering the LG Voyager at $299 with a 2 year commitment.

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