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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mobile Commerce with paybox

A while back I received an email from Eckhard Ortwein (CEO of paybox) introducing his product and company.

"Founded in 1999, paybox was the first to launch mass-marketable mobile payment solutions in five European markets. Recognised for having the broadest mobile Commerce offering worldwide, paybox has been chosen by leading companies such as: Vodafone and o2 in Germany, mobilkom and ONE in Austria, and Mastercard Int’l.

Used by over five million end users and over 15,000 merchants, paybox enterprise solutions are deployed across Europe, North and South America, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia."

However, what really caught my attention was a presentation that he forwarded titled "Mobilising Commerce with paybox." Over the years I've seen a tremendous number of vendor presentations, so it has become fairly easy to discern "insight" from "fluff" and this one was well written.

Specifically, as a number crunching banker, I was impressed with case study including line item detail for: revenue per transaction, processing cost, authorization cost, acquisition cost, remittance commission, float...and they even included net present values. What I'm attempting to convey is that I think they really know their stuff. Not many vendors are comfortable enough with banking and financial analysis to offer this type of detail during an initial meeting.

I know that without the meat of the presentation this article looses a little punch, but I don't have authorization to broadcast the data. So, if you're looking around I'd include paybox in my consideration set. Visit their site by clicking here.

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