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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Huntington Text Banking

You may have seen that Huntington officially announced the launch of text banking on Friday ...

Huntington Introduces Text Banking for Customers
"Whether on the go, on the run, or on the phone, Huntington customers can now stay on top of their finances with Huntington Text Banking, a new banking service recently unveiled. Huntington Text Banking is a secure, convenient and easy way for Huntington customers to access their bank accounts anytime, anywhere, using a cell phone or mobile device." Read more >>

But, you probably have not seen this...

I was able to reach my source within the bank and learned that their mobile banking and text banking products are posting huge adoption numbers.

For instance, their mobile banking product was launched on June 30th 2008 and within just 30 days they surpassed 9,784 unique users. Additionally, he went onto share that during the first month the users were interacting with the service as follows:
* 2.75 Balance Requests
* 2.03 History Requests
* 0.27 Branch/ATM Location Inquiries
* 0.14 Transfers
* 0.05 Bill Payments
5.24 Interactions/Client

Comparatively, their text banking product launched on January 29th 2009 and has achieved 17,118 unique users in just 30 days with the following interactions:
* 5.30 Balance Requests
* 0.50 History Requests
* 0.40 Service Requests (NICK=nicknames, COM=commands, HELP=support)
6.20 Interactions/Client

Near the end of the discussion he said, "I'm proud of what Huntington has accomplished. We're the 25th largest bank in the country, but we continue to provide our clients with services that are typically only available at the largest FI's. I suppose that's why Keynote recently ranked Huntington as the #6 online banking provider (unofficially #5 since Wachovia has been acquired by Wells)."

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