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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Mar 15

Southwest National Bank launches mobile banking service
"Trish Minard said Southwest National Bank doesn't try to be on the leading edge of technology and banking. But the $343 million bank has found itself in that spot after launching a mobile banking service, which allows customers to use Internet-capable mobile phones to access their bank accounts, view checks and transfer money between accounts."

Contactless m-commerce fails to take off
"The development of contactless mobile payments has failed to live up to expectations and the technology will account for just a fraction of the value of commerce transacted over cell phones this year, according to data from ABI Research."

Mobile banking is business in the US
"In a recent report published by Synergistics some startling findings about the take-up of mobile banking for Small Businesses are made. (Read more here). While the size of the sample and the research methodology can probably have an impact in the interpretation of the results, this is a massive endorsement for mobile banking."

The Battle of Mobile Software Apps
"Imagine if makers of, say, vacuum cleaners needed to design different models for different stores. One for Wal-Mart, another for Target, another for Tesco, and yet another for Carrefour. That's a bit what it's like to be in the business of writing programs for mobile phones."

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