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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Jun 14

Mobile Banking Is Now a Must-Have for Banks
"Since its inception, people have been asking if banks are getting into mobile banking as a way to keep pace with the competition or as a way of providing true value to customers and the institution. The consensus among bankers at a panel on mobile banking at Celent's Innovation and Insight Day seems to be it's a little of both. Senior analyst Jacob Jegher moderated a discussion with three bankers and one alternative financial services provider. All agreed with what others in the industry have long been saying—that mobile is where the business is going."

Firethorn Launches Mobile Banking Apps for Android G1 Phones
"irethorn has launched a new Android mobile banking app. Firethorn's mobile banking Android application allows G1 users to securely manage their finances, including checking balances and transaction history, transferring funds, receiving offers, viewing and paying bills, and tracking rewards points."

Testing the limits of new banking technology
"With today’s tech-happy consumers, providing them with the latest gadget or innovative service could lead to a happier bank customer. Banking today is about more than just parking your money in a brick and mortar facility or even with an online system. Customers, especially younger ones, expect innovation. To that end, U.S. Bank is involved in several trials that if deemed viable, could find their way into customer’s wallets, desktops and even mobile phones."

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