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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Jun 23

PNC takes next step in mobile banking for customers
"Imagine depositing a check into your bank account the moment you receive it? PNC Bank in late May unveiled a mobile banking feature that allows customers to conveniently deposit checks using an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad 2. All customers need is a version of an iPhone with photographing capabilities and setting up a verification program with the bank."

Mobile Banking? Yeah. Consumers Hate It.
"Bankers love mobile banking. Consumers? Not so much. According to a recent study by the Boston branch of the Federal Reserve, over 65% of Americans use online banking websites to manage their accounts and pay bills.
But only 10% use smartphones and other mobile devices to do it. Not only that, people have been much slower to start mobile banking than they were to try banking online. For example, only three percent of survey respondents have ever made a payment using a mobile device."

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile BI Delivery
"Mobile applications have gained a definitive place in enterprise adoption. The growing maturity and adoption for mobile business applications are predominantly visible with service offerings like mobile banking, mobile shopping and mobile social network connections.

The extended mobile business application for business intelligence (mobile BI) has gained momentum, with most of the BI tool vendors offering a mobile extension to the native BI suite itself. Furthermore, the variety of platform support, user-friendly devices and graphical interfaces has pushed enterprise adoption of mobile BI into the spotlight. In 2010, Gartner published a hype cycle indicating mobile BI is a climbing wave and stated that adoption will be visible in two to five years."

RBS Citizens Executive VP Jim Gifas to Speak on "Prospects for Corporate Mobile Banking" at the American Banker Mobile Banking and Emerging Applications Summit
"'Corporate mobile banking is a revolution in the making,' says Jim Gifas, Executive Vice President and Head of U.S. Global Transaction Services Solutions for RBS Citizens. 'By providing business customers with anywhere, anytime access to the financial functionality they need to run their businesses better and more efficiently, mobile banking technology is changing the way they can do business.'"

First Tennessee Rolls Out Browser-Based Mobile Banking for Businesses
"On Monday, Memphis-based First Tennessee bank ($25 billion in assets) will become one of the first regional banks to launch mobile banking services to corporate customers. “Because of the huge adoption of mobile transactions in the consumer market, and because consumers are the same people that run and own businesses, these same people who expect this in their personal life will want this flexibility in the businesses they own or participate in,” says Taylor Vaughan, director of treasury management services for First Tennessee, who spoke to us in an interview Friday. "

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