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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 4

Consumers Like Mobile- and Browser-Based Banking Apps Equally
"Whether it’s best to offer a mobile app versus a browser occupies a large space in the discussion among mobile bank execs, but new research suggests that consumers are using both equally, but for different purposes.

YouGov polled about 2,000 users in a survey sponsored by Antenna Software, and found penetration of browser and native apps to be about the same. The new research, which is due out this morning, found about 40 percent of smartphone owners have adopted mobile banking for at least some functions."

Research Shows 40 Percent of US Consumers With Mobile Phones, Smartphones and Tablets Embrace Mobile Banking
"A recent online survey of more than 2,000 respondents by YouGov Plc. and Antenna Software, Inc., showed that more than one in three US consumers with mobile phones, smartphones and tablets currently use mobile banking. This presents both a major growth opportunity for retail banks to increase their customer base, as well as a chance for organizations with current mobile offerings to up their game with more advanced and "sticky" mobile apps for greater customer loyalty and competitive advantage."

Mobile banking to help 2 billion people by 2020
"Mobile financial services are expected to improve the lives of around 2 billion people in developing countries within a decade and boost economies, a Boston Consulting Group study found. 'Overall, mobile financial services can reduce financial exclusion by 5 percent to 20 percent through 2020 and increase gross domestic product (GDP) by up to 5 percent, with Pakistan, for instance, potentially seeing a 3 percent uplift,' the study said."

Most active mobile banking platform? Palm Pre…
"As a certified mobile early adopter I’m laying my venerable Palm Pre to rest (sans the Bling tag that I surreptitiousness transferred to the back of a PayPal employee’s phone at a conference last week), to slumber in a drawer next to a Kyocera brickphone…I mean…smartphone that I lugged around back in the 90’s."

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