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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - July 22

Gartner casts shadows on mobile banking
"Gartner's senior analyst for the financial sector has cast doubts on whether Australian banks should invest heavily in mobile banking applications and near field communication (NFC) payment systems.

Gartner vice president David Furlonger told the Banktech summit in Sydney this week that banks have struggled to profit from such ventures. Furlonger said that globally, most users of mobile banking applications are still only using the apps for checking account balances rather than making genuine transactions."

EBay Bets $240M on Mobile Banking
" EBay Inc. announced Thursday that it has agreed to pay $240 million in cash to acquire Zong, a provider in payments through mobile carrier billing. The purchase will support eBay’s efforts to further their mobile commerce by offering PayPal users an additional way to pay for merchandise and products. Zong hosts connections with more than 250 mobile network operators across the world and offers secure mobile payment capabilities in 45 countries."

42 Percent of US Consumers with Handheld Devices Satisfied with Mobile Banking
"YouGov Plc. and Antenna Software, Inc. recently conducted an online survey to map the usage of the mobile banking though handheld devices like mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. After the survey of more than 2,000 respondents, the results showed that more than one in three US consumers with handheld devices uses mobile banking."

Survey shows 38% of smartphone owners use a banking app
"There’s been one quote that has stuck in mind about mobile banking in Canada. It was from Bob Hedges of Mercatus who in February 2010 stated that Canadians are “at the tipping point in terms of adoption” and “over the next five years this will become more important than online banking”. It’s been a slow adoption rate thus far but it’s certainly increasing. Last week it was PayPal Canada that came out with stats that showed 34% of those surveyed would rather carry a mobile phone to make a payment than a pocket full of change."

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