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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Jul 22

Customers' Banking Satisfaction Infographic

Where Banking Meets Tech: Why Businesses Must Adapt, Or Else
"If your business isn’t relevant, is it outdated, and virtually obsolete? There should be no grey area when it comes to relevance. In my recent review of Brett King’s book, “Branch Today, Gone Tomorrow,” I discuss how important it is for banks to stay relevant in order to survive."

THE FUTURE OF BANKING—PART 2 Tech is key, both for mobile and reg changes
"Looking ahead, mobile banking and other emerging technologies will help reduce the cost and time of product delivery. Could this be the dawn of a banking renaissance? In this second of a two-part series, Tech Topics moderated a panel of bankers and other experts who provided a frank evaluation of potential bank winners and losers."

Mobile banking and tweens
"Tweens – there are nearly 5 million of them in Britain alone. Aged between 10 and 16, they play a significant role in most family financial decisions. They directly influence up to $155 billion in spending annually, and have access to the Internet, money and smartphones."

Bank of America Website Again Leads on Keynote's Banking Scorecard -- Now in Its Thirteenth Year
"Keynote Competitive Research, the industry analysis group of Keynote(R) KEYN -1.20% , today announced the results of the Keynote Q2 2012 Banker Scorecard. Now in its 13th year and covering 23 large and regional banks and more than 300 criteria describing customer experience best practices, the Keynote Banker Scorecard remains the most authoritative study of online customer experience best practices in consumer banking. In other related news issued today (see separate press release), Keynote announced the winners of its new study ranking the fastest and most reliable banking websites in the United States."

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