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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mobile Banking Update - Oct 7

For Credit Unions, Mobile Deposits Are a Lifeline — But Are They a Fee Generator?
"Mobile remote deposit capture (RDC), or the use of the camera on a mobile device to create an image of a check for deposit, is expanding across financial services. While larger banks offered the service initially, credit unions and community banks are also quickly adopting mobile RDC, a move that can boost overall use of electronic channels. While almost all financial institutions want to boost mobile and web banking, it's vital for smaller institutions to do so to reduce service costs and accommodate the lack of a geographic footprint."

Apple iPhone Users Most Likely To Research Products, Buy And Bank On Their Devices
"People who own iPhones are much more likely to research buying decisions, comparison shop, and actually purchase things on their devices than are mobile users on Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices, according to a new study by Forrester which polled over 50,000 mobile device owners. 85% of iOS device-toting adults 18 or older use their iPhones for shopping-related research, and 69% percent have pulled the trigger and actually bought something."

Sound Bytes from SM2: Marketers Place Their Bets and Dollars in Mobile
"The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the leading global trade association for the mobile marketing industry, celebrated its inaugural SM2 conference, Smarter Mobile Marketing, with a stellar line up of speakers including Michelle Peluso, Global Consumer Chief Marketing and Internet Officer, Citigroup, as well as David Kenny, Chairman and CEO, The Weather Channel Company. Sprint also used the SM2 stage to unveil an exclusive mobile announcement."

Customers Increasingly Rely on Mobile Banking
"Smart phone growth has completely remolded the way people manage their accounts and finances day-to-day. The release below reveals powerful numbers reflecting the growth of mobile banking over the past several years, forecasts what's to come as it continues to grow and how Arvest Mobile Banking has become a key product to keep up with customers' needs."

Reader Forum: Top-up, remote payments, mobile banking – not NFC – are the real opportunity for m-commerce
"Most conversations today surrounding mobile payment solutions are overly focused on the opportunities promised by near field communications technology and how this functionality will transform the point-of-sale experience in developed markets. Inevitably, however, these discussions quickly digress into the complexity surrounding handset and chip manufacturing, the security of cardholder data and payment information and the challenges involved in point of sale integration."

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