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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Oct 30

Young adults drive popularity up
"The popularity of mobile banking has increased significantly since 2010, the American Bankers Association (ABA) said in a recent report. According to a recent survey from the ABA – conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs in early August – mobile banking is now the preferred banking method of six percent of banking customers, which represents a 100 percent increase from 2010. In the age group of 18-34 year-olds, 15 percent of banking customers preferred mobile banking."

Legally blind
"Most major banks have treated mobile banking as an enigma wrapped in a paradox over the last two years. They have convinced themselves that the growth of mobile banking was an unpredictable occurrence. In insurance terms they would probably claim it was "an act of God." The real truth is that this so called overnight sensation was at least a decade in the making. Since South African bank Absa launched the first mobile banking solution in 2002, leading experts, analysts and futurists have predicted the mass adoption of mobile banking services."

Google, Apple Expand Micropayment Systems for Web Content and Mobile Purchasing 
"Efforts to monetize web content have largely failed in the past, with users preferring to switch rather than pay for information. Earlier this month, Google Wallet expanded its micropayment capabilities to include web content. Websites can now set up their pages so that users can sample some portion of the web content and then see a banner (bottom figure) that tells them that seeing more of the content will require paying a fee. The system also works for buying other types of products over the web."

Mobility Matters: Tracking the Mobile Banking Revolution in Credit Unions
"What mobile banking users are actually doing – and how much real money they are moving - now is starting to come into focus as more players in the field hike their kimonos, at least a bit. A big data dump from Malauzai, the Austin, Texas, mobile banking apps developer with ties to Catalyst Corporate, has offered many – sometimes surprising – insights into what is happening in the mobile channel."

Global Digital Economy - The E-Commerce and M-Commerce Landscape
"The global e-commerce market has been recently invigorated by the growing use of smart phones leading to a fast growth in mobile commerce. E-Commerce and m-commerce have become very important areas of focus for mobile operators, IT, Internet media players, financial institutions, retail, and payment processing firms alike. With so many interested parties, the sector has become very competitive and created a heady mix of industry activity."

"There's a big opportunity for service providers and application developers in emerging markets. A new report from Berg Insight says that the number of active mobile money users in emerging markets will grow from 61 million last year to 381 million by 2017. That's a compound annual growth rate of 36 percent. Several of the most successful mobile money services today are in Africa, Berg noted, but Asia-Pacific is expected to become the most important regional market, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the active user base in 2017. The total value of mobile money transactions is projected to grow from $44 billion in 2011 to $395 billion in 2017, a CAGR or 44 percent."

Are Americans Ready for Banking via Social Media?
"A bank in South Africa announced this summer that its mobile banking customers will now be able to conduct transactions and monitor their accounts through Facebook. This type of cross-pollination between banks and social media does not yet exist in the United States, but it could be coming."

Retail banking's new threat
"This is an increasingly crucial issue for banks. Mobile banking is a major technological development, and history suggests that incumbents can be reduced to obscurity as new players, or “market disruptors”, use improved technology to upset the old order. For example, companies such as Netflix, which uses postal and later online distribution of rented films, are revolutionising the way consumers access movies. A consequence has been that Blockbuster, a traditional bricks-and-mortar DVD rental company, has lost enormous market share."

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