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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 8

"More customers could deal with their bank via smartphone or tablet application than via the ATM network by the end of 2013, if the current adoption rate of mobile apps continues, according to one of St George Bank’s top technology executives. Speaking as the bank launched upgrades to its growing fleet of mobile apps, St George’s head of mobile, Travis Tyler, said once successful tap-and-go smartphone payment trials underway across the Westpac group are opened up to all customers, he believes mobile will become the most common way for customers to deal with the bank."

More Community Financial Institutions Offer Mobile Banking
"A growing number of community financial institutions are now offering mobile banking, despite continued concern over regulatory obstacles. According to a recent Independent Community Bankers of America study, 37 percent of community FIs currently offer mobile banking — more than twice as many as two years ago. Another 44 percent of community FIs plan to implement the service by 2014."

Banking technology getting more mobile in WNY
"First Niagara Bank is going mobile. The Buffalo-based bank is weeks away from the launch of its first mobile banking product. Bank officials say the free service, to be released in midwinter, is a response to customer demands."

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