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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Opera Mini Browser & Mobile Banking

For 18 months I've carried a first generation Motorola RAZR cell phone for personal use and a Blackberry for business. Over time I have tried to access the web on my RAZR at least a dozen times, and not once have I been able to stay connected let alone perform a meaningful task. So, needless to say, I had written off browsing with my personal mobile – until now.

Over the weekend I was reading an article written by Jennifer Johnson titled "
Reaching Common Ground with Opera" in the September issue of PC Today. In the article Jon S. von Tetzchner (CEO of Opera Software) was quoted as saying, "Opera can run on almost any type of hardware." So, I thought I would give it a shot.

At first I was stuck I thought, “how am I going to browse to Opera to download the software when my browser is very problem that I am trying to fix?” However, after a brief visit to the Opera site I discovered that I could send myself an SMS message containing a link to initiate the download – brilliant! A few clicks later I had successfully downloaded Opera Mini 3.1, installed the software, and was surfing the net like never before on this phone.

The implications of Opera (and browsers similar to it) could be monumental in the success and adoption of WAP mobile banking. The RAZR is one of the most successful handsets of all time. I have read reports that they sold 14 million units in the first two years alone! Yet, the challenge is daunting because main-stream America still does not understand mobile technology. People need to know that:
· You don’t have to settle for inadequate factory installed software
· You can perform simple searches on the browser of a standard phone
· Standard phones can download software upgrades from the internet

If you are unhappy with your mobile browser do not wait another minute - you must check this out. Truthfully, even if you think you’re satisfied I would give a shot – you might be surprised at what you are missing.
Click for Opera Mini

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That seems like a good idea, as long as your carrier allows you to use third party applications on their network...
Even when they do, I am still not comfortable typing long strings on a 9-digit cell phone pad, and I don't see that changing in the next couple of years.
Mobility is great, but until banks provide an accessible experience with few clicks or everyone carriers phones with full keyboards, an improved browser on my cell phone will not encourage me to conduct mobile transactions from my cell phone.