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Monday, September 10, 2007

Part 2 - Chase SMS Mobile Banking

I have spent some time digging through the entire site page by page and even the fine print, but still no reference to a vendor. It's missing some of the functionality that comes standard with the big vendors such as: transfers and custom nicknames for functions (i.e. the ability to use just the letter "b" to request a balance instead of the full "bal"). Then again, maybe this is just phase one and the other features will be coming at a future date.

Here are screen prints of the enrollment process. They did a nice job it's quick, easy to understand and simple to complete.

There's also a very sharp interactive demo. I tried to upload a snippet but my camera did not do it justice so I pulled it down. You'll have to check it out.

1 comment:

Peter Glyman said...

Hey Brandon,

For your readers that don't have a chase account or would like the ability to check balances on multiple accounts they should check out Geezeo.com. As you know, Geezeo is a free web-based personal finance application, but our mobile functionality allows you to check your balances and available credit for just about any bank. It's a light app but does make it easy for Geezeo users to check their balances before they buy. We will soon be adding additional functionality around SMS!

Pete Glyman
Co-Founder, Geezeo