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Sunday, September 28, 2008

iPhone Mobile Banking Application - IBC Bank/mFoundry

Late last week I heard that IBC Bank/mFoundry had launched a new mobile banking application through the iPhone App Store. I'm going to receive a demo on Tuesday, but here are a few screen-prints and a couple of the customer reviews.

"Best Banking App to Date... 5 Stars (by Clown Price)
This app rocks, much smoother than just a faceplate on a mobile web experience. These guys obviously care about providing their customers with a solid product."

"Amazing, incredible app 5 Stars (by JSpurr)
Note to other banks: make an app like this if you want to keep customers happy. Absolutely brilliant!"

1 comment:

Phil Smith said...

Using BankAmerica's Mobile Banking browser, found a BUG where the computer version showed three outgoing payments but the iPhone version only showed two. The payment that was to be mailed instead of electronically sent did not show up.

This was observed one full day after the payments were scheduled.

I've emailed BA but their response so far has been confusion as to what to do with my complaint.

Caution: this err could make you pay bills more than once, draining your account accidentally.