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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - Feb 22

CTIA Announces Industry Guidelines for Mobile Financial Services
"The CTIA has published “Best Practices and Guidelines for Mobile Financial Services (MFS)” - which were unanimously approved by America’s leading wireless carrier companies. According to the CTIA, 'this voluntary initiative was developed to provide consumers with a high level of safety and security for mobile banking, commerce and payments products and services.'"

Fiserv Finds Banks Interested in Offering Mobile Deposit Capture
"Fiserv has announced the results of recent market research that quantified the interest among banks and credit unions for mobile deposit capture and gauged their views on potential customer acceptance. Mobile deposit capture is an extension of remote deposit capture (RDC) that enables checks to be deposited anywhere via a mobile phone equipped with a camera to create and send an image of the check."

Nokia partnering with Qualcomm
"Nokia and Qualcomm have announced they will work together on 3G smartphone products, initially for North America. The partners aim at the remaining growth segment of the handset market."

The Mobile Wallet — Conflicting Business models and Evolution
"I just finished a report on the evolution of the mobile wallet, something we see as a key facet to the development of mobile payments. We’re finding that present market conditions and models demonstrate a lack of a business case for investment on the part of carriers to get truly capable, holistic solutions out there. This generally manifests itself in two ways…"

Not Your Father's Bank: Building Online Banking for Gen Y
"Growing up in a world immersed in digital technologies, members of Generation Y have the highest of expectations on how they want to interact with their banks online. Born at the dawn of the digital age in the early 1980s, the oldest among Generation Y have never known a world without personal computers and video games."

Aite Group ranks M-Com and Fiserv as a Top "Triple Play" provider
"Aite Group, LLC, a leading independent research and advisory firm focused on business, technology and regulatory issues and their impact on the financial services industry, has ranked M-Com, the technology behind Fiserv Mobile MoneySM, as a top "triple-play" mobile banking provider."

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