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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

3 Big Mobile Banking Updates: Monitise, mFoundry, Mitek, Harland

"Monitise plc (MONI.L) welcomes the news that Monitise Americas, the mobile money people, and Metavante today announced the launch of text message banking services. The service will allow consumers to use text messaging to obtain any-time balance information on their accounts."

2) Mitek Makes Mobile Moves with mFoundry, RDM

Two of my "#1 in Mobile Banking" winners (mFoundry & Mitek) have teamed up. To review my listing of 2008 awards click here.

"Mitek used an iPhone to demonstrate its ImageNet product integrated with the mobile banking application from mFoundry, a provider of mobile banking and payments solutions, at the Transpay show. According to the companies, this marks the first time a check scanning/deposit capability has been integrated with a mobile banking application."

3) Harland Financial Solutions Signs 42 New Mobile Banking Professional Clients
"Harland Financial Solutions announced that it signed 42 new Cavion® Mobile Banking Professional deals since the solution was launched several months ago. The Web-based mobile banking application, which is the latest addition to Harland Financial Solutions’ Internet and business banking software offering, provides financial institutions an alternate delivery channel to offer their customers via core system integration."

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Disgrunted CBNSat 500 said...

I'm writing from Sri Lanka. We develop mobility solutions and are prototyping an "ATM on Mobile". It differs from SMS in that its a liitle app that sits on your handset. We believ there are advantages for financila institutions to build a closer link with its customers through this solution.