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Monday, May 25, 2009

Mobile Banking Updates - May 25

Is USAA the second largest in mobile banking?
"Last week, USAA released astounding figures on its mobile banking usage: The 10-month-old service is already used by 11.4% -- about 800,000 -- of its 7 million members, making USAA one of the largest mobile banking providers in the country"

Some thoughts on Mastercard's P2P payment platform
"MasterCard recently announced the launch of a mobile-based service for P2P transactions. This is a great idea and makes a lot of sense. The concept is that you register your MasterCard for the service."

Sybase Ranked Tops by ABI Research
"The latest Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research, ranked Sybase at the top, according to Sybase officials. Digby and JiGrahak Mobility Solutions claimed the second and third spots in the company’s new worldwide evaluation of mobile commerce vendors using technologies other than Near Field Communications."

Kenya to enact laws regulating mobile phone banking
"Kenya is introducing several laws to strengthen its financial sector as new products such as mobile phone banking fill the market in the wake of technological advances, its finance minister said on Monday. The east African nation of 36 million people has only 6.3 million traditional branch-held bank accounts, leaving a gap that is being filled by telecom operators with mobile phone money transfer services."

Barclays revamps m-banking service
"The banking information presented to customers through their mobile phone now fits easily on their browser making it quicker for customers to view their account balance, statements at a glance, make transfers between accounts and make payments outside of the bank. In addition, they can find branches and ATMs, get answers to banking questions, view product offers and get support through the online banking helpdesk."

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