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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Feb 21

Highly Targeted SMS Push For Banking Mobile App Results In 20% Response Rate
"Defining a well thought-out, highly relevant and targeted mobile campaign can produce benefits that far outweigh any other medium, as a recent SMS campaign to promote a mobile banking app proved.

Last November, Scottish bank NatWest partnered with operator O2 to produce an SMS campaign to promote its new mobile banking iPhone app. With the help of O2 media, the operator’s sales division, a highly targeted SMS campaign was devised to send a text message to opted-in subscribers with iPhones who also had a NatWest bank account."

Wells Fargo offers ATM e-mail receipts in San Francisco
"'Customers are used to online and mobile banking to track their finances so figuring out ways to move the ATM channel into the way they're working is important,' said Velline. 'People are also looking for ways to be greener but they the want data on the receipts so email is a logical solution.'"

Mobile Banking Subscriber Numbers Doubling Every Year, Says ABI Research
"New forecasts from ABI Research indicate that in 2015 about 244 million people worldwide will carry out financial transactions with their banks using their mobile phones. Of those, some 66 million will be in North America."

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