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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mobile Browser Banking to Grow by 14% Over next 12 Months

"The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) (www.mmaglobal.com) and its official research partner, Luth Research (www.luthresearch.com), today released highlights from the latest US Consumer Briefing, a monthly survey of U.S. adult consumers about their mobile marketing behaviors and opinions. Available exclusively to MMA members, the new survey shows that 17 percent of all adults currently use mobile banking, with interest levels suggesting that usage will grow to 22 percent within the next year...

The survey further revealed that consumers' most common form of mobile banking uses a mobile Web browser (11 percent of respondents), followed by SMS (8 percent) and applications (5.5 percent). Over the next 12 months, mobile-Web-based banking will grow to 14 percent, while applications will grow to 8.5 percent. SMS mobile banking usage will likely remain flat." >> Continue Reading

1 comment:

Bob Egan said...

Is the dominate use of browsers a near term norm in reaction to the mobile network operators almost "anti-app" strategy and tactics in North America?

Keep in mind that Network Speed is to large screen devices like laptops/desktops/TV's as Network Latency (delay) is to smaller screens devices

eg. The smaller the screen, the quicker reaction people expect. Can web apps ever achieve the right balance over wireless networks given their inherently higher delays?

I suspect just like with larger screen devices the consumer appetite for more speed is almost insatiable.

One thesis is that for a given or even increasing feature set, that consumer tolerance to delays will become will decrease exponentially.

I suspect we are not over the debate of the Browser solutions vs App one yet...