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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clairmail Mobile Banking. Architecture and Security.

ClairMail Announces New Mobile Connectivity Architecture
"ClairMail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions, today unveiled its Mobile Connectivity Architecture (MCA) as a platform to help Financial Institutions (FIs) future-proof their mobile delivery channel powered offerings. In practice, MCA enables FIs to realize the potential benefits of mobile financial services, while providing custom connectivity that easily deploys expanding initiatives across all internal businesses and channels as mobile services and strategies evolve.

FIs are seeing the value of the mobile handset as a critical communications channel and are looking to deliver relevant mobile services to customers to empower them with more control over their personal finances. To truly succeed, FIs must have a mobile financial services platform in place that can take them from the basic 1st generation versions of mobile banking, defined by simple account management, to 2nd generation mobile banking models, which includes real-time transactions, and finally to the 3rd generation of mobile banking, where complex but seamless orchestration will enable all customer communication and most transactions to be conducted and coordinated through the mobile handset."

ClairMail Talks Security (Part I): Defining the Threat to the Consumer
"The past year has made it clear that mobile banking is seeing increased adoption across nearly every demographic of bank customers. It’s hard to deny the momentum that’s building behind the technology, and we’re excited to continue furthering adoption through offerings like our Smart Client and Adoption Services Program.
While it’s easy to see that momentum is building behind mobile banking, security concerns amongst customers remain a significant barrier to adoption. Financial institutions need to proactively educate their customers on ways to ensure their mobile security and minimize these concerns, stressing that mobile is in many ways a more secure channel than online for banking transactions."

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