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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Mar 23

AT&T reveals more details on Dell Aero smartphone
"After the official unveiling yesterday of the Dell Aero smartphone, AT&T has posted some additional details about the company’s first Android-based handset, including dubbing it as the 'lightest' Android smartphone yet.

According to the new product page, the Aero will host a 3.5-inch display with nHD resolution. Besides being available on the 3G network, the smartphone also comes with built-in GPS and Wi-Fi."

How banks can use social media and mobile apps
"How are leading banks applying social media and mobile devices in ways that drive revenue and customer value? Spain's BBVA provides an excellent example of how this can be done.

Spain's BBVA, one of the world’s largest retail banks, is offering its customers Tú cuentas (“you count”). It's a web and mobile delivered personal finance tool with all the usual functionality. But it goes further by allowing customers to manage their personal finances better. Tú cuentas offers analysis tools so customers can better understand, set goals and qualitatively improve their own spending and savings habits."

Verizon Wireless Plans eCommerce Mobile Payment Service
"Verizon Wireless and Danal, Inc., the global pioneer and leader in charging eCommerce transactions directly to mobile phone accounts, said today that Verizon Wireless plans to launch Danal's BilltoMobile™ payment service later this spring, enabling Verizon Wireless customers to charge online purchases of digital goods directly to their monthly Verizon Wireless bills.

Verizon Wireless customers will be able to pay for online content and digital goods that are downloaded and consumed on their personal computers from Danal's participating network of popular eCommerce merchant partners. A secure connection and integration between Verizon Wireless and Danal will provide features important to online consumers and merchants, including robust subscriber authentication and fraud protection, among others."

New report examines the case for NFC microSD cards
"'The report starts from the premise that NFC is just one of the features that consumers may demand alongside a wider range of functions and apps such as cameras and games, and that they are unlikely to go out of their way to purchase a mobile handset with NFC until there is a range of stable, attractive services that are easy and convenient to use that make use of that capability,' says Dr Spencer. 'Handset suppliers need the assurance of demand before they will commit to the high development and deployment costs that can only be justified if NFC devices can be manufactured in sufficiently high volumes. We look at whether the introduction of the technology via different form factors, such as unpowered (passive) NFC stickers and NFC-enabled microSD cards could be the answer.'"

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