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Thursday, March 18, 2010

PayPal Mobile in the News

Time Seems Right for Paypal to Fly
"Should eBay change its name to PayPal? The company’s auction business is mature, but PayPal, its online payments business, is growing fast. Plans announced on Wednesday to double PayPal’s Asian staff by the end of the year accentuate the point. A better idea than changing the stationery, however, is spinning off PayPal."

The Future of Money is Mobile
"The wallet you carry in your pocket today will be in the cloud tomorrow, and you'll use your mobile phone to access it – so says Francesco Rovetta, director of business development for PayPal Mobile. The growth in mobile payments is exploding. For PayPal alone, mobile transactions have increased from $24 million in 2008 to $140 million in 2009."

PayPal Launches Revamped iPhone App, Teams With Bump For Phone-Tapping Money Transfers
"PayPal has just launched an upgraded iPhone application that adds new features and includes a facelift that’s meant to help instill a greater sense of security. And it also brings with it big news for Bump Technologies, the startup that lets you exchange information simply by tapping smartphones together: Bump is now prominently featured in the PayPal iPhone application as a quick way to initiate transactions. "

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