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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mobile Banking Security

Banks Rush to Fix Security Flaws in Wireless Apps
"A number of top financial companies and banks such as Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America Corp. and USAA are rushing out updates to fix security flaws in wireless banking applications that could allow a computer criminal to obtain sensitive data like usernames, passwords and financial information."

Our Mobile-Banking Warnings about Security Prove Prophetic
"Not to be gauche, but in 2009 you saw the Internet security warning here first. Mobile banking is so risky an IT security guru said don’t do it. That was the online security warning on Sept. 7 from the authoritative Dr. Stan Stahl of Citadel Information Group in Los Angeles. Dr. Stahl’s analysis in my column included this stern warning: 'All in all, cell phone on-line banking is a big NO!!!'”

How Vulnerable Are Mobile Apps?
"Late last week, security firm viaForensics announced it had discovered security vulnerabilities in mobile banking smart-phone apps for Google's Android and Apple's iPhone. Apps from Bank of America, Chase, TD Ameritrade, USAA, Wells Fargo and Vanguard were all targeted by the firm. "

USAA's Mobile Banking: Security is a Top Priority
"The Wall Street Journal has reported potential security issues with some of the latest mobile banking applications. A digital forensics firm, viaForensics, collaborating with The Journal, tested banking apps from at least seven financial institutions. viaForensics found that USAA's Mobile App on the iPhone® passed all tests and is secure. However, viaForensics identified a potential vulnerability within USAA's application on the Android™."

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