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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 28

Stay with Me: Mobile Pay System Ties Buyers to One Card
"With sponsorship from Citigroup Inc., Billing Revolution Inc. is trying to help convert people who window-shop on their mobile phones into paying customers. In December the Seattle vendor plans to roll out a service that will let consumers make purchases with a mobile phone without having to enter their payment card details for every purchase. That step causes many mobile shoppers to abandon transactions they've started."

Mobile Banking Apps crashing on iOS 4.2.1
"My Mobile Banking app crashes after I updated to 4.2.1 Anyone else have this problem?"

Chase Mobile app for Android: Deposit checks with your cameraphone
"A handful of banks and PayPal have allowed iPhone users to deposit checks by scanning the front and back with the phone’s camera for a while. Now that feature is finally starting to make its way to Android phones, thanks to a new app from Chase."

Tyfone Receives Additional Patent for Cutting-Edge Mobile Electronic Wallet Technology
"Tyfone (www.tyfone.com), a global provider of unified mobile money and secure transaction infrastructure for mobile banking, mobile identity management, and mobile contactless NFC payments, today announced the award of its newest patent for the company’s innovative mobile electronic wallet technology."

Mobile Money Service Comes to Haiti With "TchoTcho Mobile" From Digicel and Scotiabank
"Digicel and Scotiabank today launched their mobile money product in Haiti.
TchoTcho Mobile allows Haitians to complete basic banking functions such as cash withdrawals, deposits and transfers safely and securely through their mobile phone and does not require them to have a traditional bank account.
During the first three months, the program will offer up to 20,000 users the ability to do cash withdrawal and deposits, domestic money transfer to another mobile user, purchase top-up and manage their TchoTcho Mobile account."

CellTrust Secure SMS Continues to be Secure, While Many Wireless Banks' Apps Were Exposed to Security Flaws
"CellTrust Corporation, the recognized leader in mobile secure messaging and secure applications for mobile phones (www.celltrust.com), today announced that CellTrust's mobile banking product, which is being piloted outside of the U.S., is based on SecureSMS Secure Mobile information management (SMIM) architecture and is not affected by security flaws that were recently published in a Wall Street Journal article."

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