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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mobile Banking Updates - Nov 21

Nielsen: 13% Mobile Banking
"Only a small portion of U.S. consumers are banking via mobile phone, but that group is starting to grow to become a measurable presence, according to a new study from Nielsen. The research firm found that 13.2% of households accessed their bank account through a mobile device in second quarter 2010 compared 20.8% who accessed their account using the bank’s customer service call center. The mobile share is up from 11.6% in first quarter while call center access has remained relatively flat quarter-over-quarter."

Citi to invest in mobile and online to attract affluent customers
"Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C - News) plans to spend $3 billion to $4 billion on its consumer bank to attract more business from its wealthy, urban customers, the head of its North American consumer bank said on Wednesday."

ClairMail’s hiring points to eventual IPO
"Let’s start with that last item, which brings us to ClairMail, a San Rafael, Calif. start-up with a name we don’t quite understand but a business that’s easy to grok. And why should you care about them? Because start-up companies that want to get ready for the public markets need to grow in three primary metrics: customers, revenue and employees. It also helps to have a team of executives which has already taken a company through the maturation process.

If you’re looking for the next wave of IPO candidates flying low on the radar, start with companies that are adding big customers, hiring lots of workers and bringing in seasoned executives."

GoMo News discover mobile 419 scam, maybe
"By fluke, GoMo News just might have stumble across a mobile version of the Nigeria 419 money scam. 419 being the area code you’re asked to call in Nigeria. In this case, the fraudster appears to want to get hold of our mobile phone number and ask for our help. Perhaps we are being too suspicious or can one of our readers explain how the scam – involving MTN‘s Mobile Money banking – service might work?“This is what the original email said, “I opened an account with MTN mobile money last week on Tuesday 2nd/11/2010 and I saved 50,000 on that account.” Notice the currency isn’t mentioned."

Chase Mobile Banking App Coming To Android Early December
"Turns out that a teller at a Chase Bank location leaked out that the Chase Mobile App will be making its way to the Android Market in “early December”. This comes as great news to many Android owners who bank with Chase, as we’ve seen the nice features the Chase app is capable of on iOS."

Banking Challenges Posed by Internet
"'There are at least a couple challenges created by mobile-phone activity,' says Greg Rattray, the new head of security for BITS, a division of The Financial Services Roundtable.

Rattray, who joined BITS in September, says as more financial transactions and channels such as mobile emerge, Internet strains and security have to be addressed. 'The thing that we're increasingly concerned about is the nature of these (mobile) devices,' he says, 'and whether they can be properly secured so that we can enable people to use mobile banking.'"

Names You Need To Know in 2011: Mobile Money
"Mobile Money. Mobile Commerce. It’s so new it’s too early to say what name will ultimately stick, but over the next year we’re going to be hearing a lot more about our ability to zap funds between one-another without the shackles of coins, paper bills, plastic cards or checks."

Monitise to form joint venture with Best Buy Europe and Charles Dunstone
"Monitise plc, a UK-based provider of mobile banking and payments solutions, has agreed to form a joint venture to setup Mobile Money Network with Best Buy Europe Distributions Limited and Charles Dunstone to deliver mobile marketing and payments network. Both Monitise and Best Buy Europe are based in the UK."

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