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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 16

Mobile banking: how to beat the fraudsters
"Mobile banking tends to take one of three approaches. The first and the most simple is communicating with your bank using SMS messages to check your balance or to authorise a transaction. In addition, a number of banks, Lloyds for example, use SMS messages as an extra form of security if you are making a payment through the regular internet banking site to check it is genuine."

Getting the Word Out about Mobile
"Before consumers can take up mobile banking, they have to know it’s there to adopt, a knowledge gap and marketing shortcoming that still plagues the channel despite its fair share of hype and promise. Synergistics Research says about 40 percent of domestic consumers don’t know if their financial institution offers mobile banking, suggesting improvements are needed in marketing and promotion. Among respondents who own mobile phones, 40 percent are aware that at least one of their financial institutions offers mobile banking."

Android Users More Interested in Mobile Financial Services
"While the news in smart phones this week has been all about Verizon Wireless’s announcement that it will start marketing the iPhone next month, the news that may well be of more importance to mobile payments and mobile banking is the hot streak that Google Inc.’s Android operating system is on."

Mobile banking: 'Banks do their best, but consumers should protect themselves'
"Smartphones are more popular than ever and now you can do everything from your food shop to paying bills on your mobile. James Richards, head of mobile for digital banking company IE, explains how you can make sure you are properly protected."

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