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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Jan 23

MasterCard debuts ATM mobile offering on Android platform
"MasterCard is letting customers search for and find the nearest ATM via an application for Android-enabled devices. Consumers can customize their search based on their banking needs, including the ability to search for a specific financial institution if they need to make a deposit. The application is available as a free download in Android Market and is also available on iPhone and BlackBerry devices."

Preparing for the Big Mobile Revolution - Eric Schmidt, Google
"Second, we must attend to the development of mobile money. Phones, as we know, are used as banks in many poorer parts of the world—and modern technology means that their use as financial tools can go much further than that."

Mobile challenges to the financial sector
"What's big in payments right now? I don't think we have to guess. Our good friends at PaymentsNews have already pointed out that 'Two payment-related themes are emerging from NRF conference being held this week in New York: POS encryption/tokenization and mobile payments acceptance.'"

Fifth Third Bank taps mobile payments service to accommodate consumers
"Fifth Third Bank is accommodating tech-savvy customers via a new email and mobile payments service. The bank is using CashEdge’s Popmoney email and mobile payments service which will be offered to consumers in mid-2011. Customers can send money from their online or mobile banking by using a recipient’s email, phone number or bank account information."

iPhones Ring at HSBC, CBOE
"While most iPhone banking apps to date have been more informational than transactional, First Direct has launched a transactional app, making it an early adopter among global banks. The UK-based online banking unit of HSBC, First Direct’s free app will allow consumers to use their iPhones and iPod Touches to view balances, the previous 20 transactions, make payments and transfer money between accounts. Apps for other smartphones are in the pipeline."

HSBC (First Direct) does do mobile
"Back in May last year, I complained about HSBC and its apparent lack of a mobile strategy. My complaints were purely selfish, because I wanted to be able to bank on my iPhone, and couldn’t find a way to do it. As an HSBC customer, I was jealous that other banks were offering something I couldn’t use. Well, last week, HSBC released their iPhone app to customers of its direct banking unit First Direct. It is an excellent first step."

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