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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 27

Are Early Adopters of Mobile Banking Satisfied?
"When you follow the mobile wallet news, one of the first things you notice is that there is an enormous amount of investment in mobile banking services. It seems like banks and other financial services firms launch a new app every week. Even credit unions are in on the mobile action. Qualitatively, the investment seems disproportionate to the current adoption level. I can’t say I know anyone who uses online banking, though I have to say I am a frequent user of my mobile Starbucks card."

iPhone Users Keenest on Mobile Banking
"When it comes to mobile banking, iPhone users lead the pack. That is the big news out of a U.K. survey conducted by YouGov polling. While 21% of all Brits say they would pay bills via a mobile phone, 46% of iPhone users say they would.

iPhone users similarly doubled the enthusiasm of all other mobile users down the line of mobile banking tasks: 62% say they would transfer funds, 69% check balances, 45% pay others and 31% make contactless payments."

Motorola's Atrix Certificate Updater remedies its mobile banking blunder
"If you're an Atrix 4G user who has been reeling since your banking apps failed, go ahead and cancel that next therapist appointment -- thankfully for you, a permanent fix is now available in the Android Market. Motorola's Atrix Certificate Updater swaps the troublesome security signatures from v4.1.83 with versions that should play nicely alongside your mobile banking apps. "

Tyfone Talks Mobile Banking Trends with TMCnet
"Don’t be surprised if pretty soon you see smartphones replacing credit cards in the cashier line as the mobile banking space is becoming exceedingly popular. Mobile banking, which allows for consumer purchases to be made through smartphones, is on its way to becoming the "new norm,” and one company ready to ride this wave is Tyfone, a company that offers next generation mobile banking services to both online and offline customers."

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