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Monday, August 8, 2011

Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 8

Mobile Pioneers Tell All : 10 Keys to Mobile Banking Success
"With devices based on Google's Android operating system challenging Apple's iPhone, tablet computing on the rise and SMS text messaging overtaking email in popularity, banks of all sizes have scrambled to anticipate and meet customer demands for mobile banking services. Among the banks that got an early start is SunTrust Banks."

A Banking Cloud for 100 Million Customers – 1.7 Billion Mobile Phone Users Can’t Be Wrong
"A cloud service for the banking world is launching with the capability to serve 100 million customers in emerging and established markets.

The service from Polaris Software Labs will allow the Chennai-based financial technology company to offer its infrastructure and banking products on a pay-per-use basis. Polaris built the infrastructure in partnership with IBM and IdenTrust, an identity provider."

Mobile banking: Will you be hacked?
"You're in the store trying on a stunning but outrageously priced shirt. You have to have them, and your hand has already palmed your debit card--but wait! Did your mortgage payment clear your money market account yet?

You could whip out your smart phone and check your balance using your bank's app, and maybe make a quick transfer between accounts. If you access your bank account information on your mobile phone, are you jeopardizing the security of your checking and savings accounts ?"

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