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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

International Mobile Banking Updates - Oct 5

Popularity of mobile banking surges in Taiwan
"With mobile computing gaining popularity and smart device penetration rate on the rise, an increasing number of banks have unveiled mobile banking services in Taiwan to allow users to handle their finances anywhere, anytime.

According to the newest data of the Institute for Information Industry (III), by the end of second quarter about 4.9 million people in Taiwan accessed the Internet through their mobile handsets, or a penetration rate of 21.3 per cent."

India awaits boom in mobile banking
"A bank need not always be a brick-and-mortar complex with a handful of tellers sitting in tiny cubicles and doling out cash, with armed security guards pacing up and down, and a place where someone always wants to borrow your pen to fill a form. For a bank in Japan, called Jibun Bank, a bank only means a mobile phone in the hands of all the customers. The bank, started in mid-2008, has absolutely no branches, operates only through mobile phones where its customers can perform all possible transactions. The bank clocked more than 1 million customers by May 2010 and posted a deposit growth of Japanese yen 150 billion (approximately $1.95 billion)."

HTC mobile banking phone goes on sale in Chongqing
"HTC Corp (宏達電), the world’s fifth-largest smartphone maker, has begun selling a smartphone in Chongqing, China, that enables mobile payments using near field communication (NFC) technology, aiming to gain a foothold in the fast-growing mobile banking market. The “Jiang Yu banking” phone, priced at 4,680 yuan (US$732), allows remote bill payments and contactless payments."

Mobile Banking advancements
"Mobile banking through Mobile phones has greatly improved communication and the world has become a global banking village. Apart from improvement in communication, mobile service providers have gone a step further to ensure that their subscribers are able to transfer funds using mobile banking."

USAID grants help create a mobile banking system in Afghanistan
"Back in 2002, there were less than 200,000 people in Afghanistan with the access to a telephone line. Today the picture is completely different, with some 15 million Afghans using mobile phones and 85% of the population living within the combined network coverage of the four major carriers. This mass installed base opens up possibilities for mobile banking services."

Kuwait Finance House Bahrain launches mobile banking services
"Among the services available, customers will benefit from the convenience of being able to check their account and/or card statements, make phone bill payments, transfer money between accounts or view their last five transactions.

The Mobile Banking Service provides an interactive experience similar to internet browsing via your mobile handset. Customers who have international roaming enabled on their mobile phones will be able to complete all their transactions from wherever they are, anywhere in the world."

Mobile Money Sparks Banking Boom
"Mobile banking is revolutionising the face of personal and business banking in Africa. There is no need to carry a bank card or cheque book on you. You do not even have to visit the local bank branch to transfer or withdraw money. All you need now is a mobile phone and a SIM card."

Scotiabank launches first mobile banking app for Blackberry, iPhone
"Starting September 30, Scotiabank customers in Barbados will be able to conveniently bank-on-the-go with the new Scotia Mobile App for Blackberry and iPhone. This means that customers in Barbados will have even more freedom to carry their bank in their back pocket when they download the App onto their BlackBerrys and iPhones."

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