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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

International Mobile Banking Updates - Oct 26

Mobile, Internet, e-banking - the way to go
"In tune with the times, the Thiruvananthapuram-headquartered State Bank of Travancore is setting great store by mobile and Internet-based banking as well as harnessing the e-platform to executing Government business. Mr P. Nanda Kumaran, who has taken over Managing Director in recent times, says that the mobile banking services are steadily gaining traction and monthly registrations have touched ‘the five-digit mark' over the last three months, compared to the sub-1,000 levels a month earlier."

Airtel Money to enhance mobile banking services for Airtel customers (Ghana)
"Airtel Ghana has launched Airtel Money, allowing customers to use their mobile handset in place of their wallet. As per reports, Mr Luck Ochieng, Sales Director, Airtel Ghana has said that this innovative mobile service would help customers to overcome many challenges that they go through when transacting business in their daily lives."

MOBIbucks Gives Mobile Wallet to Jamaicans
"Advanced Integrated Systems and MOBIbucks will roll out the first mobile money platform in Jamaica.
US-based mobile payments specialist MOBIbucks and Jamaica-based transaction processing provider Advanced Integrated Systems intends to roll out this platform in the Caribbean within the next twelve months."

Mexico pioneers LatAm mobile banking joint venture
"Mobile banking services could be set to take off in Latin America following the announcement of a joint venture between the region’s most prolific operator, America Movil, and the US bank Citigroup. The new venture, named Transfer, will begin offering services in Mexico early next year. America Movil CEO Daniel Hajj has stated that the firm is aiming for around 15% of its current customers to adopt the service over the next three to four years."

Nepalis in Qatar can send money via mobile
"Migrant workers in Qatar will shortly be able to send money to Nepal with the help of a SMS - thanks to newly introduced service - Mobile Banking Service - of Qatar Telecom (Qtel). Executive Director of Qatar Telecom´s (Qtel) International Service Ahmed Yousef Ebrahim Al-Derbesti said the company is introducing the service in Nepal in three months. 'We introduced Qtel Mobile Money as a product last week only and we hope to deliver the service within next three months in Nepal,' he added."

Africa’s mobile banking revolution: the poor now have access to financial services
"Mobile banking and mobile money are revolutionising the face of personal and business banking in Africa. There is no need to carry a bank card orcheque book on you. You do not even have to visit the local bank branch to transfer or withdraw money. All you need now is a mobile phonewith a SIM card."

Diamond Bank partners Paga on mobile banking
"In line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s drive towards making Nigeria a cashless society, Diamond Bank has announced the signing of a formal partnership with the Central Bank licensed company Paga, to offer branchless financial services to Nigerian consumers. According to statement by the bank, both organisations have been working together on this initiative for nearly two years."

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