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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mobile Banking Security - Feb 28

Mobile Banking Causes Security Concerns
"'Mobile banking has had the biggest impact on financial institutions since the introduction of ATMs,' says Paul Stull, senior vice president of strategy and brand at Arizona State Credit Union, the first credit union to introduce mobile banking in Arizona.'The convenience of being able to use a mobile device to manage funds, track balances and pay bills is a huge advancement in convenience and time savings for consumers.'”

5 Mobile Banking Security Tips
"It wasn’t that long ago when the only way to deposit, transfer or withdraw money was to physically visit your local bank branch or ATM. Today, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, consumers have a full suite of options to choose from when conducting their financial transactions. With online and mobile banking on the rise, it’s only natural that security be on the minds of both financial institutions and customers."

KOBIL Debuts New Mobile Application and Online Service Security Solutions at RSA Conference 2012
"KOBIL Systems, a leading provider and market leading trendsetter of mobile IT security and digital identity solutions, introduced the new mIDentity App Security Toolkit, (mID AST), which protects mobile users from multiple security attacks. KOBIL offers two reference implementations of this toolkit: mIDentity Trusted Web View (mID TWV), an application for secure authenticated mobile web browsing and the mIDentity Trusted Messages Sign (mID TMS), an application designed to replace weak and costly text/short message (SMS) online services and phone callback OTP services with authenticated transaction messages that cost less."

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