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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 18

Mobile Banking & Payments by the Numbers
"Statement rewards provider and BillShrink parent, Truaxis, published a nice summary of mobile banking and payments on its blog (reprinted with permission below). A few Industry Players metrics at the bottom of the infographic have recently been updated:

* Starbucks said this week it has processed 42 million mobile payment, up from the 26 million (Venture Beat, 9 April 2012)
* Square has now shipped 1 million readers, up from 500,000; and is now processing $11 million per day, up from $4 mil (Splatf, 5 March 2012) "

Accenture Introduces New Software to Help Banks Integrate Customer Channels, Streamline Product Development and Pricing
"Accenture ACN -2.46% has introduced two new software products -- Accenture Multichannel Platform and Accenture Product and Fee Factory -- to help banks quickly and efficiently integrate customer channels, such as mobile, branch and online banking, and streamline product development and pricing.

Developed by Accenture Software, the new products are designed to help banks increase revenues, improve commercial offerings and reduce distribution costs by strengthening customer channels and product management."

Monitise launches HSBC banking app
"The iOS app allows customers to access up to 10 accounts on their smartphone, check balances, review recent transactions, and top-up airtime on up to five mobile phones. As part of the deal, Monitise will develop further mobile banking services for HSBC UK. Monitise COO Mike Keyworth said: 'Monitise is a proven partner to the world’s largest financial institutions which know they can trust it to deliver world-class, bank-grade products and services."

Orange adopts 'Quick Tap' mobile banking for Android
"Mobile network provider Orange has announced that 'Quick Tap' contactless payments will be opened to Android phones and all UK credit and debit card accounts, The Telegraph reports.

Although the company has yet to announce which Android handsets will be compatible with the contactless payments technology, it's the latest step in the evolution of mobile banking - following in the wake of similar applications such as Barclays' Pingit. "

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