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Monday, April 2, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - Apr 2

6 Essential Mobile Banking Features For Community Banks
"Financial institutions have many choices when implementing a mobile banking solution. The majority of community banks do not have the resources to develop a mobile application in-house so they will most likely implement a mobile platform from a software vendor.

Community banks must offer robust and intuitive mobile banking apps to compete against large national banks and attract new customers, especially tech. savvy Gen Y consumers. Banks also benefit with the ability to sell more services to existing customers, retain current customers and reduce operational costs. In order for a bank to reap these benefits their mobile app must include many key features."

Mobility Matters – Tracking the Mobile Banking Revolution: Online Only
"Credit Union Mobile Banking Debut of The Week: “We are gearing this to a younger membership. We are ahead of the curve, that’s where we want to be,” said Christopher White, a senior vice president at Waltham, Mass-based RTN FCU, a $720 million institution with 37,000 members."

Consumers want mobile banking at its highest level
"Throw away the deposit slips. Forget about the zipper coin pouches and the locking night deposit bags.
This month Rivermark Community Credit Union became the first Oregon credit union to offer the latest in mobile banking technology — the ability to deposit a check by simply taking a picture of it with an android phone, iPhone or iPad."

ath Power Research Shows Customers Willing to Pay as Much as $11 Per Month for Mobile Banking
"ath Power Consulting, an industry leader in financial services research and customer experience strategy development, today announced the release of The ath Power 2012 Mobile Banking Study(TM). Key findings revealed that banks are not adequately promoting their mobile banking offerings, and that Remote Deposit Capture is the missing feature most sought by customers. The National study ranked customer satisfaction with today's mobile banking offerings, and USAA earned the top spot with 73 percent of its users claiming high satisfaction."

Mobile banking service
"Pageonce is a Mobile banking service is made easy and simple for you, allowing you to manage money on your smartphone screen anywhere you want. And this is also a free service and provide positive benefits to manage a variety of important transactions."

Boom mobile banking, Allpoint ATM network partner on services
"Boom, a mobile banking provider, and money transfer service owner m-Via have announced both a new low-cost pricing model and a deal with surcharge-free ATM network provider Allpoint to offer Boom users access to more than 37,500 ATMs located in retail stores across the U.S. and Mexico.

Boom operates on a membership-based business model for banking and money transfer. Membership in the U.S. costs $25 per year; outside the U.S., membership is free to individuals who receive money from a U.S.-based member."

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