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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mobile Banking Security - May 16

Mobile Banking: Mitigating Consumer Risks
"Which security concerns should institutions be bracing for, as more consumers adopt mobile banking? BITS offers a collection of recommendations from some of the industry's top institutions. Most banks and credit unions know they can't shy away from mobile. But that doesn't mean they don't still have serious concerns about security risks. Paul Smocer, president of BITS, the technology policy division of the Financial Services Roundtable, says banking/security leaders increasingly just want to wrap their brains around the best way to mitigate the risks of mobility."

Major bank considers new security for mobile banking
"JPMorgan is considering implementing new technologies for its improved mobile banking solution that will keep sensitive information protected and ensure data quality remains high. Currently, the bank is looking into biometric technologies, specifically voice and fingerprint recognition, as a way to keep confidential records protected, according to a report by Bank Technology News."

Zeus Botnets Are Taken Down by Unique Team
"The NACHA session opened with dramatic video. Microsoft lawyers accompanied by U.S. marshals swooped into a characterless office building in Scranton, Pa., where they proceeded to seize computers that had been used to host giant botnet networks of zombie computers that–unbeknownst to their owners–were under the control of the so-called Zeus virus."

Security's not the biggest problem with m-banking
"There's a bigger worry than security when it comes to offering m-banking to the un- and underbanked. That is, how can banks make m-banking a going business concern? This according to Thabiso Moerane, mobile commerce ecosystem leader at Alcatel-Lucent, who will address the ITWeb Security Summit, taking place from May 15–17 in Johannesburg, South Africa."

Clairmail Leads New Era of Mobile Banking Security With RSA Certification
"Clairmail, Inc., the leader in mobile banking and payment solutions, today announced its acceptance to the Secured by RSA (R) Certified Partner Program and has certified interoperability between Clairmail's Mobile Banking Solution and RSA Adaptive Authentication software from RSA(R), The Security Division of EMC EMC +0.84% . Already an RSA Secured(R) Partner, the new interoperability partnership comes after rigorous RSA certification testing of Clairmail's Mobile Banking Solution and reinforces Clairmail's commitment to continually advancing platform security for end users and Financial Institutions (FIs)."

Protecting personal information extends beyond the Web, to mobile devices
"For most people, it is rare to go a day without going online or using a mobile device. While having access to the information you want and need makes life a lot easier, it's most important to use the Web wisely. Today, keeping personal information safe is a concern for virtually anyone using a computer or a mobile device to access the Internet. Given the fast pace at which technology develops, staying up to date on the latest ways to protect yourself is vital to guarding your personal information."

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