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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mobile Banking Updates - May 17

Post PC Era: Mobile Banking and Payments in Emerging Markets
"Mobile phones offer numerous benefits in emerging markets; they ensure the safety and security of money, make payments more convenient and promote M-Commerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs. They also present opportunities for western companies looking to move into these markets, as well as learning’s for those who want to implement similar mobile finance models in developed markets."

"On Device Research, which use the mobile Internet to access consumer opinions, released a report looking at the mobile finance activities of mobile Internet users in emerging markets. The report found that 53 percent of mobile Internet users in India, Kenya, Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria have engaged in mobile banking and payment activities. This is especially high in Kenya, where 96 percent of mobile Internet users have engaged in a financial activity via their cellphone. In addition, the report found that using mobile phones for financial activities is also popular in rural areas, with almost equal penetration compared to urban usage in some countries."

Clairmail breaking down barriers to mobile banking "With more people turning to their smartphones for purchases, web browsing and up-to-the-minute notifications, banks are scrambling to get their services to their customers in a reliable, customizable and secure way. By providing those services to banks and financial institutions, Clairmail Inc. has soared, managing more than 500 million transactions for 7 million users in 2011. 'We realize there is no single mobile banking experience that is a fit for everyone, which is why we provide a custom platform tailored to the needs of each of our financial institutions,' CEO Pete Daffern said."

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