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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

International Mobile Banking Updates - Aug 28

Airtel introduces mobile banking in association with DBBL
"Airtel Bangladesh Limited, one of the operations of Bharti Airtel Saturday announced its partnership with Dutch-Bangla Bank mobile banking. With complete adherence to the Bangladesh Bank Guideline on Mobile Financial Services, the Dutch- Bangla Bank mobile banking will now be commercially available for all airtel subscribers. This is going to offer multiple services like cash in, cash out, send money, mobile top up, remittance and salary disbursement etc."

Unlocking Barriers: Advances in Rural Mobile Banking in Mexico
"The banking industry in Mexico estimates there are at least 30 million people that could be integrated to the formal financial system during the following years. However, this is not likely to happen through traditional banking, but through new schemes that leverage existing retail infrastructure and mobile phones to reach the lower segments of the population. Mexico allows third-parties (merchants, mom and pop stores) to process transactions on behalf of banks, and several national and regional retail chains are currently working to be certified as banking correspondents leveraging their existing footprint to bring new customers into the banking system."

BT 24 Mobile Banking service clients increased by 50 pc
"22,500 clients use now Mobile Banking service of Banca Transilvania, BT 24, up by 50 per cent in three months, based on a press release. The bank has thus reached the target aimed for the end of this year, contributing to the increase of accessibility of bank operations conducted by smartphone."

Maybank Singapore launches bank-on-the-go iPhone app
"Maybank Singapore announced the launch of its mobile banking service for customers to bank on the go on Wednesday. The Maybank mobile banking application will be available for iPhones during this initial launch and for other mobile platforms in the second quarter of 2013. Recognising that customers are increasingly turning to electronic channels for their banking needs, the bank is providing a mobile banking platform to complement other electronic channels such as internet banking."

No Absa app this year
"Absa says it expects to launch its long-awaited application in Q1 2013, but the bank promises a more integrated and broader approach to mobile banking than other platforms in the market currently offer. Absa’s mobile banking app was first planned for launch in November 2011, but after reported security issues, the bank’s mobile offering was put into “delayed” status, with no reconvened date announced."

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